Monday, July 27, 2009


Cocker Spaniel puppies are full of energy and can get away with murder just because they are so darn cute! In dog years, our Ben is in his seventies – not ancient by any means but he definitely qualifies for the Senior Citizen Discount! Cocker Spaniels are family dogs... devoted, smart and just darn cute to look at! At 70 that sweet little face is still puppy-ish!

But his age and his breed have caused him to have health issues. Cocker Spaniels often suffer with eye, ear and skin problems. For years we took him to the vet with ongoing ear infections. The shape of the Cocker's ear is like a spiral staircase and wax gets trapped and infection starts. Hard to treat, he progressed onto chronic ear infections and he was on several kinds of meds. Nothing worked, including steroids. The vet began to talk about removing his ear drums, ear ablation. I lost trust in that doctor and then another, until finally I found one that would work with us on trying to get Ben healthy.

I read everything I could find on the Internet about Cockers and Ear problems. One day I came across a website Zim's Cockers that had an ear flush recipe that they used on their dogs. Dog breeders, they had a lot of experience with the breed and had used this on their cockers with much success. We had tried everything else, I mixed up the ingredients and applied it to his ears. Now you have to know this is after a 3 year battle with ear infections and prescription meds. Within two days his ears had improved. Within a week we were sure it was helping and in two weeks the infection was all but gone! I couldn't believe that something this simple could work, but it has and he's been free of ear infections for 2 years now. (Click on the link above for the recipe.)

Chronic yeast on his skin was another problem that just would not get better with vet prescribed meds. I have found a product that works. Eqyss Pet Shampoo and Sprays cure yeast within one or two applications. It's another amazing product that I found after searching online trying to find an answer. I read the reviews before ordering but until I tried it on Ben I had no idea it would work so fast. (Click on the link above for testimonials.)

This may be the oddest post I have ever done, but if anyone is out there going through this with a pet maybe these products will help you. Happy pet, happy owner!


  1. you gotta love the net for all the info we are able to obtain ourselves~ i am glad you fixed ben, what a good mama! i have chronic ear infections, good for you in finding hi cure!

  2. I'm glad Ben's O.K. I'm sure your information will be very helpful to some folks having similar problems.

  3. What a sweet pet you have there. So glad you figured out how to treat those ears. Our deceased Pekingese had horrible ear problems...wish I would have known about that magic ear flush back then.

  4. Our cock-a-poo suffered from these ear maladies, poor baby. Your baby is such a pretty 'senior citizen'. TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. It's not odd at all but wonderful that you found Ben help...What we won't do for our pets....

  6. Ben looks very healthy though! I love Ben too. He is so adorable!

  7. Cocker Spaniel's really are cute dogs. Never had one but my daughter loves them and has had several. She has a black one at the moment. I sure am glad you found a cure for his ear infections. I bet he's so thankful! It must be very painful and irritating. I love your photo with Ben too!! Hugs!!

  8. Great Post!
    I have had cocker spaniels for years, and I know the battle with those precious floppy ears.
    I'm not ready to move on yet... but I'm sure I'll have another one day. You may have to remind me then!


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