Friday, July 3, 2009

Booger Hollow, Arkansas

I love living in Arkansas, but the "barefoot hillbilly" image makes us uncomfortable. It's a fact that places like Dogpatch and Booger Hollow Trading Post existed and played up the hillbilly role just to make money. By posting this story I run the risk of perpetuating the very stereotype that we try so hard to live down, but this little speck in the road deserves some attention! Years ago, we used to travel south on Highway 7 from Northwest Arkansas (Harrison) on our way to Russellville... and just north of Dover there was Booger Hollow! The name originated with the belief that the hollow was haunted due to the numerous graveyards located there. Booger in this case is a variant of bogie or boogie, as in "boogie man." I'll just stick to the facts and try to be a good sport, because these pictures are too good not to share!

So here it is. Booger Hollow Trading Post operated in this spot for forty years and owed much success to the high-frequency roadsigns announcing the attraction.
"Booger Hollow Ten Miles."
"Booger Hollow Nine Miles."
"Booger Hollow Eight Miles."
By the time you actually got there, you're desperately curious!

The trading post consisted of a gift shop, a diner and some hillbilly signage. The Booger Hollow Double Decker Outhouse had a lower level that was practical, but the upper facility was closed "until we git the plummin' figgered out" the sign says! The attraction is closed now but stands pretty much the same today as it was thirty-five years ago. You can never forget a place like Booger Hollow!

The gift shop featured loads of hillbilly themed knick-knacks as well as local products like honey, sorghum and lye soap. The diner offered the usual fare, but with a colorfully worded menu aimed right at the gigglebox of your carbound, stir-crazy kids... "boogerburger," "boogerdog," etc.

All joking aside, this small community found a way to pay the bills. Using a little humor and ingenuity, this out-of-the-way slice of Americana is a safe place to live for it's few residents. A good place to call "HOME," is most likely what they would tell you if you asked...

Have a Happy 4th of July!


  1. I love reading your posts about Arkansas, Joycee. Makes me homesick for the Ozarks. Did I ever tell you that my DIL is from Harrison?

    Although I grew up in southwest Arkansas in Camden, I spent lots of years in Fayetteville, both as a student and as a young wife and mother when my husband was in grad school. LBeau's sister still lives in Fayetteville.

  2. Very cute!!! I can totally relate being from Texas...same stereotypes. I actually came from a town called Tool, near Hootin' Holler, just up the road apiece from Cut N' Shoot (real Texas town names) ;) I love my roots, love visiting little towns like Booger Holler, but am here to say that although I'm Texan, and country born and bred, "Mama" raised a very smart, classy, blue blood lady, that can get down and dirty with the best of em'! LOL!!!!!! Love your post!!! :)
    Hugs; ♥ Teresa

  3. Oh, this is too funny! I was born in Arkansas not far from Toad Suck.

    A few years ago I did a blog on another site about funny street names. One was Farfrompoopen Rd., which I'm told is the only way to get to Story, Arkansas' Constipation Ridge. I don't think I would care to venture there.

    You just gotta have a sense of humor!

  4. We get such a kick out of traveling thru these places, the humor is fantastic ... & the tales of 'how it came about' are even more fun ... have a wonderful 4th. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. My day has been started with a smile - a big smile. This was really cute. Have a great holiday.

  6. I think it's so interesting listening to how towns come to be and nick names origins. Nothing wrong with being a hillbilly! I love this story. Cute.

  7. Ha! I can't imagine going into that diner and ordering a Boogerburger..LOL Cute post Joy!! I love the double decker outhouse.. I like Hillbilly humor.
    have a great weekend. Happy 4th!

  8. What a fun post to stumble across this evening! A friend just made the trek down to Dogpatch and it got me thinking about my family's trip through the Arkansas Ozarks a mere 30+ years ago. I wrote my grandmother a post card from the Booger Hollow trading post! It looks as if time has stood still there--the miracle of the Ozarks!

  9. The wife and I stopped in at Booger Hollow, some years ago, on a day trip off one of our camping adventures in Arkansas. (We camped at Petit Jean State Park).

    The reason I post is because, early this morning, I noted that the little oaken wheel borrow we bought at the Trad'n Post, and has served us well as a garden ornament all these years, has just about all gone back to God, and termites.

    Is there a name for the condition where one simply can't bear to toss-out rotten trash?

    I suppose, like the Trad'n Post itself, my little wheel barrow will continue to set and rot.

    Yet... the man, or woman, who crafted it may still be alive and have a life and story that I will only learn in Glory. In a way, I truly look forward to that day.... To be able to say "hi", and "thank you", for our little wooden wheel barrow.

    No Chinese could ever make such memories.

    God Bless All Who Visit Here!

    Tom Jobes, from Texas

  10. Booger hollow is one memory I will carry forever. When I was about 9 years old I went on a vacation with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, several cousins and a few family friends. About 15 of us in a small motor home, that's another memory. lol But we stopped there in booger hollow and I remember I bought a corn cob pipe with the town name on it and I kept that pipe from 1977 until 2008 when hurrican rita came through port arthur, tx and I lost alot of my stuff but the one thing i didn't take was my memory of a great time with my family that many are gone now. Booger Hollow, AR will always have a special place in my heart.


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