Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Frozen Tung

I saw in the paper yesterday that a new place is opening in our mall called the Frozen Tung. Very cute, since they sell shaved ice! The Snow Cone or Snowball if you live in New Orleans, or Hawaiian Shaved Ice, or the "Raspa" if you live in South Texas, became popular in the early 1920's. These icy concoctions are always very popular in the hot humid months of an Arkansas summer. I have to admit I haven’t had a snow cone in a very long time but when the Grandsons come next month, this place is on my To-Do list! They offer a flavor that I think the kids will love…”Picklicious!” Said to hail from New Orleans, the shaved ice is drizzled with fresh pickle juice and served with a dill pickle in the middle of the cup. That may qualify for “funkiest flavor” of snowballs out there! I understand that snow cone aficionados actually try to best one another in discovering the strangest, most palate-shocking flavors they can! I can’t say I would ever order the Picklicious but there are several on the menu that DO look good!

They do offer Thin Ice flavors for those who are watching their waistlines but still want some of that icy cold delight. New flavors Marshmallow, Crème Brulee, Toasted Coconut, Blueberry Muffin, Buttered Popcorn, Mudslide, and Strawberry Cupcake all sound yummy to me! They offer sweet tea and butterscotch flavor — things that sound good when eaten in regular form. Kids will gravitate to the sweeter flavors like Bubble Gum or Watermelon, but the oldtime favorite like strawberry, grape and orange make a wonderful Rainbow Cone that allows you to have it all!

Personally, my taste buds only crave one flavor, Cherry. That is my ultimate favorite but it does have a down side… creepy red teeth and tongue are there for awhile.
If I was still a kid that would be a PLUS though!

Happy Summer!


  1. Ice-cream heaven! what a lovely picture of the cat!

  2. Personally, I'd take an ice cream cone over a snow cone any day, but the snow cone does bring back some childhood memories. The Marino family owned a snow cone stand in Camden when I was growing up. Lots more flavors available since those days.

  3. I'm with you, Cherry for me please or once in a while, watermelon. I haven't had one fo these in about 4 years. Maybe it's time.

  4. Looks like EVERYBODY loves snow cones!

  5. We love Shave Ice around here.

    That cat picture made me laugh right out loud - it is so dang cute!

  6. That picture was hysterical! I love shaved ice. You are making me want one really bad and there isn't anything like that up here in Minnesota!!

  7. Wonderful picture of the cat! I do, however, think I let others enjoy the pickled ice. I'm going to stick to lime.

  8. I love the kitty photo!!!!! I am laughing my head off at it. Too cute!! We are big-time Dill Pickle Shaved Ice fans around here, we are regulars every Sat and sometimes Sun. MMMMM, they're the best!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  9. The cat picture is really cute! My favorite flavors are strawberry and lemon ,I have never tried cherry. Have a nice day.


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