Friday, July 24, 2009

Good News!

Kristi at My Little Space sent an award yesterday for being a Kreativ Blogger, I am so honored! I guess I've had the desire to write down my thoughts for a long time. Life was zipping by me and I didn't even know the blog world was out there!

I come from a long line of "journalers." Every week you could count on long letters from my Aunt Joy and Grandma Keeling to arrive in the mailbox. The fat envelopes held family news; good and bad, prayer requests and clippings from the Boone County Headlight. It's enough that some of you come to visit GrannyMountain each day, but to receive kudos is exciting!

I was requested to list 7 things about myself and I’d like to pass the award along to ALL of the wonderful blogs that are out there…too many to list!

(1) My favorite vacation was Mexico, laying on the beach!
(2) I love mornings; that first cup of coffee, the birds singing outside and the sound of a train in the distance!
(3) I live in Arkansas but have called Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Mississippi, California, North Carolina and Texas home too.
(4) I started blogging in February '09 after an ice storm paralyzed our area. I wanted to post pictures for relatives instead of loading up emails with attachments and thought, “Hey, this is kind of fun!”
(5) I have the Merck Manual and "self-diagnose" many of our family ailments! Not the best idea but we've saved a lot of money through the years on doctor bills!
(6) I wish I had the courage to redecorate with a more eclectic style.
(7) Ben is my "Blogging Buddy," he's asleep at my feet right now!

Thanks so much Kristi!


  1. You deserve it, Joycee! And it's great to know more about you and your family too, your mom! Now, how is she? She still in the hospital?

  2. Thanks Kristi, Mom is out of the hospital and doing well. She fractured her nose and her neck so is pretty bruised. It could have been worse. She's in a soft neck brace for the next 6 weeks to heal. Thanks so much for asking.
    joy c. at grannymountain

  3. Congratulations on your award, Joyce and thank you for letting us learn a little more about you.

  4. Joy ~ What a nice award for you ... glad to her Mother is doing better.
    Love learning more about each blogger, TY for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Kudos to you Joy. I'm delighted to have found your blog full of treasures. Thank you so much for sharing a wee bit more about yourself.

    Journaling and journeys, where they do lead...

    P.S. I LOVE mornings too. 4AM is TOPS!!!

  6. I love reading your is always interesting.
    glad your moms ok .
    The sound of thunder and rain on your song is putting me to sleep so yawn ...I off to nap.

  7. Congrats on being recognized. I certainly enjoy reading your blog. Makes me homesick, though.

  8. Joycee, there's something so wonderfully refreshing about your joie de vivre. I just love reading your responses to these awards. They seem so freely given.

    Couple thoughts on your list:

    1. Where in Mexico were you? And did you wear sunscreen?
    2. I envy your ability to rise early. I love the morning, too. But my brain just doesn't want to cooperate. I'm wired for evenings, I'm afraid.
    3. Where in Texas did you call home?
    4. Your fun is our fun =:^)
    5. Maybe you're a "Medicine Woman" ? Got any Native American ancestry? Not everyone is interested in diagnosing others -- it takes a special intuitive sense in addition to a good reference book!
    6. Why do you need courage? Do you have the inspiration? You clearly have the a great eye for design.
    7. A four-legged buddy is the best kind!

  9. Congrats on the award! I have decided I need that manual of yours.

  10. I think you deserve this prize!It's a great pleausure to read your posts.They are very interesting and pictures are really cute.A kiss.


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