Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!

It's tough to wrap my head around the fact that my baby is turning 38! I want to hang onto this mental image of her at 2, she was a cutie pie and a very good baby. She was so perfect in her little blue dress with her white-blonde hair. I think she slept through the night at 5 weeks. As long as she had a clean diaper and a full tummy, she was "Good as Gold."
I thought, "What are all these parents talking problems???"

When I look at this picture it's hard to imagine that is us. At 57 I don't remotely look like the slender woman holding the Little Pink Present from Heaven! We were 19 and didn't know we didn't know anything! We somehow managed to take care of Stephanie and ourselves, it was hard work...that I remember. How 'bout those striped pants, 1971...we were hip!

The past 38 years have seemed to vanish like we are in a time warp. Wasn't it just five minutes ago that she would play for hours with her Barbie Dolls? There were lots of sleepovers and lots of parties through the years. I had a idea box that I kept with clippings for party games and cake recipes.

It hit me today, just how much life can zip by in what feels like a short period of time. One day she was learning to ride a bike, then she was driving away in a car. Childhood goes fast!

This was Stephanie's 16th birthday party. We had it at the lake and it was so much fun. She had a bunch of best friends who helped her celebrate this special birthday. Many of these high school friends she still connects with on FaceBook!

We hope that our children will grow up and have happy wonderful lives. The job description of parent has a lifetime clause in small print. We're there to celebrate the joys as well as help with the difficult times too.

But if you pray, work hard and teach them... they grow up to be responsible adults who give you back a present, GRANDCHILDREN!

Happy Birthday Honey!


  1. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. I'm sending wishes for the happiest of birthdays to Stephanie.

  2. Happy Birthday Stephanie and what a lovely tribute to your daughter. Many blessings to you both.

  3. A very heartfelt post:) You have a lovely daughter.. I was 19 too when I got married:) I think I have a few photos like yours:) I am much younger though:) I'll be 56:)

  4. May Stephanie be showered with blessings & joy on her birthday. She is one lucky gal to have parents that show her such love & respect, Joycee.

  5. I love to look at old photos. It kept me wondering what is the story behind the pictures. & happy birthday to your daughter, Stephanie. And I like the hippie picture of yours!

  6. happy birthday! i really enjoyed your flashback, such a great looking happy family~

  7. O those side burns!!! My husband wore them in the 60's and 70's too. Even the shirt and striped pants look so familiar.. What memories.


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