Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

I'd like to brag for a little while about our Son-In-Law Ken. This will take awhile because he's a very good husband to daughter Stephanie and an excellent Dad to Grandsons Gavin and Jackson! First of all he works tirelessly for his family, never complaining about long hours or his lack of "Free Time." The little time that he can call his own he spends with his family and that time is often the stuff that memories are made of. Recently he took Gavin on a "Dad-Son Camping Weekend." Texas is a hot place to go camping in the summer, but you can see on Gavin's face, he wasn't thinking about the heat!

Ken is a very organized person, so everything they needed was packed...
(after all he lives with Mrs. Master-of-Organization):-)

All Gavin needed for the trip was swimsuit, jug o' water and sneakers!

Campsite a la Ken. Notice it's almost as neat as home, table and chairs,
kitchen set-up, even a laundry room!

He didn't forget the DVD player, fans, and the most important thing for a camping trip...


They are in the wilderness but if there's spills,
they are prepared!

This is the old Coleman Campstove that we used
when the girls were growing up.
What a feeling to see it still working and our Grandsons
now enjoying meals that are prepared on it!

Look at that meal that he fixed...fit for Kings!

Two cheeseburgers apiece,
a nice breeze from the fans, and a movie to watch...
it's like home but better!

This is where the good stuff begins.
River, fishing rod, kid...
quiet except for the sounds of the great outdoors.

Teaching the value of family and the love of the outdoors in one fell swoop...

Never to be forgotten, stored in the heartstrings,
memories that last a lifetime.

...and fish for dinner!

Gasoline to get to campsite, $20.

Camping gear, $250.

Food for the weekend, $50.

Time with Dad, Priceless!


  1. Darling photos, looks like a very peaceful & enjoyable time being had by all. Ummm, grilled hamburgers in the forest ... TTFN ~Marydon

  2. It looks like they had a marvelous time. Years from now they'll be able to relive the experience through the photos that were taken.

  3. That looks like a fun day. I can't tell you the last time I went camping. It has been ages. Your g'son looks to be in his hayday!

  4. Man, that camping food looks delish. I think I could go camping with that setup.

  5. What a lot of food for two people. I loved all of the pictures (except the Hook 'em Horns, of course). LOL!

  6. I love it when I see real men spend guality time whth their children. He will never forget the special time dad spent with him!!!

  7. My kind of guy!! What fun pics!!He IS organized..that made me smile:) Plus the smiles on the photos:)

  8. I bet they each got one tiny fish nugget from that fish.

  9. What fun!!!!!Love the fans, that is a must/ha

  10. My hubby & son, they both love outdoor fishing. We are planning to take a trip to the reserve forest after his September exam.

  11. I am SO impressed! Those little one-on-one times with parents are truly the stuff of memories. What a wonderful family. (Why am I not surprised!?)

  12. Thanks so much for all of your comments. Ken is such a great father, hard working husband, good person. We're proud to call him SON-in-law!
    joycee at grannymountain

  13. Great post Joy! Kids never forget their time with Dad and being outdoors like that. I love how they still use your old stove. They last forever. But a fan?? Ha! Ha! Guess they can't get away from the comforts completely. Your grandson looks like he was having a great time!


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