Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Redheads Across America

Aunt B. sent an article from their paper yesterday telling about a great new book titled
"Little Redheads Across America," written by Nicole Giladi. After giving birth to twins, she and her husband were surprised when one of them had “orange fuzz!” About a year later, her curiosity got the best of her, and Giladi started researching. She discovered that the redhead gene has to come from both parents. She also learned how extraordinary red hair was. The more she searched, the more fascinating biological information she found. That’s when the idea of her book came to her, she said. She wanted to write a book for all redheaded children to let them know they weren’t alone and to give them information on their uniqueness. Soon she was hearing from parents of redheaded children across the country. She accepted photo submissions, seeking the best choices from each state. Of course, raising a redhead can be somewhat of a challenge. They say redheads have a fiery temper and are stubborn. I can't say for sure those traits are just for our redhead daughter Amy, since our blonde daughter Stephanie also shares the same ones!
Rarity — Red hair is the rarest hair color in humans. Redheads make up only 2 percent of those in the United States.

Genetics — Because it's a recessive trait, red hair can easily skip a generation. It can reappear after skipping one or more generations if both parents (no matter their hair color) carry the red hair gene.

Hands down — Being a lefty is more prevalent among redheads than among those with other hair colors.

Hair dye — Red is the most requested hair color at beauty salons. It is very difficult to dye naturally red hair. Red hair holds its pigment more tightly than most other natural colors.

Changes — The color of red hair changes over time. This is because the amount of melanin in hair changes with time. Someone who is a bright redhead as a child will notice the shade becoming more muted as she ages.

Freckles — Having freckles is genetic and is often found in people with fair hair and red hair. The appearance of freckles is triggered by exposure to sunlight.  

Our daughter Amy at 2 had hair the color of a new copper penny!

By 3 her hair was still very coppery, and she had curls too!

By 8 she had heard every redhead joke you can imagine. Her favorite thing to tell people when they asked, "Where did you get your red hair? She'd smile and say, "My parents left me out in the rain!"
By 14 she had a mane of auburn hair. Strangers would come up to her to tell her how beautiful it was!

Amy's a Mom now to 2 year old BLONDE Ewan! She still gets compliments on her red hair, it's just so pretty!

Thanks Aunt B. for another great article!


  1. I do love red hair. My friend Susie has red hair as does one of her daughters, but none of her grandchildren have red hair. She keeps hoping for a redheaded baby, even among her friends' grandchildren. None so far.

  2. A natural redhead, yup!, I am ... from a family with many red headed folks.

    In our day, we red heads were a anomaly ... today everyone wants to be 'just like us'.

    The nice part is we usually don't go grey, we fade to a beautiful strawberry blonde (as I am) to a soft yellowish to white.

    When I was pregnant I prayed to God NOT to give me a redhead. I do not regret that prayer being heard. But I do enjoy everyone's adorably beautiful redheaded wee ones.

    I, too, told everyone Mother left us out in the rain & 'we rusted'.
    It is very interesting to read the 'how comes' of a redhead.

    Your daughter has a beautiful auburn.

    TY for sharing this post ... have a beautiful day, Joy. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. My best friend growing up had/has red hair and I always loved it.
    I always wanted to be a redhead!

    It does not run in our family at all BUT my daughters husband has red in his family. His mother is a beautiful red head so I could get red headed grandchildren!

  4. My baby girl is red headed and yes yes yes ,fiery ,But tender hearted too. We found out her great aunt was a red head and my grandpa on my mothers side was a red head.I for go tI posted a picture of her and her blonde headed sister on a post in my blog about 10 post back.Everyone says she is beautiful and want to know what color to buy to get tath color of hair.LOL

  5. I think we are the generation in our family where the gene for red hair was dormant. That photo of your daughter as a toodler is just priceless.

  6. What a great photo, and the photos of your daughter are beautiful. My best friend in the world is a red head (strawberry blonde actually) and she is a pistol!!! ;)
    ♥ Teresa

  7. OK, so I'm half Mexican. My great aunt and my aunt both had red hair and green eyes. I so hoped one of my kids would get the red hair. That was not to be. However, even though I have brown eyes and my husband has green eyes, all 3 kids have different shades of green eyes. So, I believe that means I have a recessive gene. Genetics are fascinating!

    Thanks for another delightful post!

  8. We have relatives on both sides, just like the book said! My Mom and Grandma were redheads, my husband's uncles and aunts so Amy was destined to be a redhead! I was just shocked since our first daughter 8 years previous had been a blonde! Thanks so much for your comments...
    joy c. at grannymountain

  9. No Red-Heads in my family. I love your post and the photos of your daughter are so nice. She's a very pretty girl!!! Isn't it funny how hair color changes as we get older. I don't mean the gray older..LOL
    Take Care. Hope your mom is doing better.

  10. My six year old twin grandsons are in the book! As a brunet growing up - I loved red hair. One best girlfriend and my first boyfriend were strawberry blondes and first husband - a red head who bleached out strawberry blond. He did not live to see his grandsons. We had a son - blonde and a daughter. She is the twins mom - a brunet, but I always told her - she was a red head in waiting. Her skin was very fair.

    I have the strongest/strangest affinity for red heads. I can't wait to get the book this weekend. All these pictures of red heads are so lovely.

  11. A while back I had inherited a thimble that my grandmother had in her belongings when she past away it came from Booger Hollow. so I looked it up and saw this article about Red Heads, I am a true Red head and have been for 56 years, my great-grand parents are from Ireland, so it felt good to see someone here in America loves Red heads, besides the Hispanics. oh I was born here in America and so was my parents and my grand parents.


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