Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time for an Oil Change!

We got bad news in last week's mailbox, the announcement of my husband's class reunion! I shouldn't be so negative but now I need to lose weight, have a face lift and find a good hairdresser! I'm like an old car that needs so much work, it's almost not worth it! If I had just kept up on the maintenance I wouldn't have such a daunting task before me.

The weight thing is ongoing. We both have extra pounds and half-way do diets most of the time. Half way ain't ever gonna cut it. I love to cook and try new recipes, I'm a Southern woman who likes to eat good food...I'm sorry that's not going to ever change!

But all of the other things associated with "maintenance" need to be addressed. Things like skin care. I buy wrinkle creams and potions and use them a few times, then I get busy. I do wash my face on a regular basis, but doing the other steps require that extra effort. My favorite face cream is Philosophy's Hope In A Jar. It makes a big difference quickly with cell skin looks brighter and healthy. I don't expect miracles from a cream anymore, that would require surgery at this point!
Lucky for me Philosophy has a "back up plan!"

My face is just one of my problems, unfortunately my skin is dry everywhere these days. I used to put Shea butter on my feet at bedtime to keep my "paws" soft and pretty! When I climb into bed these days I am too dog tired to even think about doing a beauty treatment!
I'm going to have to make the time for a pedicure before the big event.

But the Class Reunion has gave me new found motivation to have a facial, slather on face cream and find a new hairdresser that can give me a "do" that will take 5 years off!
I'm on a mission to have my oil changed and my tires rotated on a regular basis now!


  1. I absolutely love this post. My 45th class reunion is the weekend after Labor Day. I could use all of the above, but I probably won't get around to it. "A Southern woman who loves food" perfectly describes me.

  2. Oh my. Just go as yourself!! I never go to those reunions. The only people I want to stay in touch with, I make the time to do so. The others, well i've always been a believer in aging gracefully without all the fanfare. For others, they like the fanfare. For me, my life is too full already and little time to spare. I'm probably going to be in blue jeans and a pink T when my wake comes around... *wink*. I love it casual!!

  3. Joyce,

    I am like you. I had a bad case of the anxieties at my last class reunion and I swore that I would never go. Everybody drinks at ours and its never good for a non-drinker. I w2ould go fix up the little house with the metal roof and call it a month.

  4. Is life worth living if one is miserable all the time because they are worried about dieting and exercising?

    I decided the answer to that question was "NO!"

    So - - - I'm not enjoying life - - - and there's more of me to enjoy it with.

    Oh - - - my word verification is: fries

    And I kid you not!

  5. Correction - - - so I'm NOW enjoying life. brother - - - I can't even type.

  6. Keetha, that's the problem...I've been enjoying life, and it shows!

  7. We went to only one reunion. We fussed about the 'whats' & 'ifs' ... got new clothes, lost a little weight, etc.

    Well, when we got there very few were 'dressed', it was more of a casual appearance of comfortable & preppy attire, with only a few of us 'dolled up'. All that fussing for nothing ...

    Go & enjoy yourself, that's the best part of it all.

    TTFN ~Marydon

  8. You are so funny...good luck...keep us posted on any products that REALLY work/ha

  9. Aw you are fine ,just be the way you are.. be your self, if it anything like the person on your blog ( smile ) I don't care what you look like ,as long as you are ,,,, clean ...
    hey you are good enough for your hubby, just the way you are so what does it matter what ...people don't have to live with them.

  10. All good advice and I agree just be yourself in these kinds of situations, but I will worry until I get there...that's ME!

  11. You are so cute! I love the way you wrote this post.

    We are always so hard on ourselves.

    Good luck with the tune-up - I gave up on mine!


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