Monday, July 20, 2009


We went out on the cove after dinner last night to relax after a very difficult week. Mom had a fall at Windcrest and fractured her nose and her neck. I dread phone calls in the middle of the night, it's always bad news. She is going to be OK, amazingly she is free of any pain. I don't know how that can be as banged up as she looks. She often says she's made of "strong stuff" and that is definitely true!
Just being out in the fresh air and enjoying the scenery made us both feel better.

I like to sightsee and watch for wildlife to photograph.

The weather has cooled off quite a bit the past few days after a couple weeks of near 100's. There were a few boaters out enjoying the water.

I hate to admit I haven't even been in the water yet this summer. There is always something that keeps us from getting out on the boat.

The Grandkids will be here in August and that's when we really enjoy lake living! They love to get on the ski tubes or swim.

It's just peaceful and quiet up Prairie Creek Cove...and there are some good fishing spots along the way!

Hubby and Ben did a little fishing in hopes of catching a bass or two. I do the driving, mostly parking near the brushy areas.

This is a good place...trees, brush and the right time of day. Ben is intent on "helping" fish! He is an odd little pup, loves to fish for his dinner!

Patience and persistence, that's how you catch fish!

Sometimes you just don't have any luck! This one went back into the lake to grow some more!

It didn't matter that we came home empty handed, we really came back with renewed spirits for the coming week!


  1. Thank god, your mom is getting much more better now! Wow, what a beautiful place for fishing and sightseeing. My hubby loves fishing as well. He spent most of his free time in fishing with my son or his friends.

  2. So glad to hear your Mother is doing well, Joycee.

    Isn't it amazing how getting out there with Him & His wonderous creations can bring such peace to you.

    Looks like you all had a lovely time .. your pics are just goregous.

    TY for sharing ... TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Joycee that looks like such a serene, peaceful place. You are so lucky to be there all the time.

    I hope your mom keeps being pain free and heals fast!

    Happy Monday!

  4. Healing prayers for your momma.

    Love the water, love fishing... now if I could find water anywhere near my house that had fish in it, I would be doing great. :)

  5. I'm glad to hear your mom is doing better. I loved your pictures today. They made a hot day cooler. Have a wonderful day.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your mom's fall Joy! That must have been very scary for you when you got the call. The poor thing. A broken nose. I guess she must look real bad right now. Usually one gets two black eyes with a broken nose. Sure am glad she isn't in much pain. And hope she won't be later on either.
    Beautiful photos from the boat. It seems so peaceful out there. I used to love fishing. Take care now and I hope you don't get any more phone calls like that again. Hugs!

  7. Glad your mom is going to be ok!
    You know the saying..."a bad day fishing is better than a good day working"!!! Amen. Just being on the water is relaxing to me....catching fish is an added joy!

  8. Joycee, I'm sending you an award today. Thank you so much for sharing. You deserve it! Please check out the award at My Little Space, tq!

  9. Thank goodness your Mother's fall wasn't worse than what it was, poor thing. I hope she feels better soon.
    Love all the photos, it looks like a wonderful relaxing time. I miss the lake that I grew up on, fun times.
    I'm so glad to be back visiting!
    ♥ Teresa

  10. i am sorry you had a rough week, but glad your mom is painfree... you certainly know how to relax and enjoy in all the beauty around you, your music certainly enhances the visit...


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