Thursday, August 6, 2009

15 Quick Years

This is the year. The year we all knew was coming but we are never prepared.
The year your child, in our case Grandson, starts learning to drive.
August 6, 1994 was a very exciting day in our lives,
we became Grandparents for the first time!
I knew it was going to be fun but I didn't know


The whole family was at the hospital waiting for him to make his grand entrance into the World. Nine long months, a whole summer of misery for our daughter
(Mom's who carried babies in the hot summer months will understand this),
and now he was finally here.
We were so proud and excited!

You love it when you see yourself in your Grandkids.
Jackson loved food and he loved water.
Those two things were the setting for most of the memorable times in our own life!
We spent many happy times out by the pool relaxing.

Our daughter dubbed us Nana and Papa!
Jackson would say Paaaah and come to Jerry or me the moment he'd come into our house.
For the whole visit he was OURS, it's wonderful to be Grandparents.
All the perks and none of the work!

Jackson loved this little wagon!

Look how "shiny" he is from cake icing!
Since it was a pool party, we just hosed him off after cake and ice cream!

Mom always says, "If we could just roll back the years." Now I understand.

Always happy, Jackson brings joy to everyone he meets.
He has blessed our life in so many ways.

Happy Birthday Jackson and please, BE CAREFUL!


  1. I've only been a grandmother for a little over two years, but it's already so much fun. I have two now and another one on the way. More blessings. Happy Birthday to Jackson.

  2. What a wonderful post of Jackson ... may he enjoy his 'freedom' carefully. TY for sharing his life & your memories.

    Oh, how I've walked down this path ... & loved every single minute of Joshua's life. You know first hand that those early years just dash by. I worried the day that Joshua got his license, but he proved to be very thoughtful & careful so I am relaxed after 2 years of good driving. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. So adorable ...
    I just cover my 2 grandsons with prayer cause I worry about them .My oldest turns 18 this month and his brother turns 16 and gets his learners... oldest granddaughter turns 14 so not far behind.
    There is nothing like grand children... I agree 100% with you. I have 5 and everyone is precious ..
    Elsie <><

  4. Time passes by so quick that we sometime can't even remember how much white hair growing on top of us.....! 1,2,3,4....


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