Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Hubby just got a new phone yesterday and he's called me twice so far to "try it out." Old dogs have trouble learning new tricks but at least I read the manuals when we buy anything new. So far this year we've had to hook up a new computer and recently a new camera with lots of settings. The computer wasn't too bad, it's Windows Vista and I anticipated more problems than we've actually had. We researched the camera since it was a big purchase and tried to get a good one. It has lots of settings...apertures and shutter speeds...but so far we leave it on AUTOMATIC and that's working good!

Life was so simple when we were kids. There was one kind of phone, black with a rotary dial and it set on a table in the hall with a chair pulled up beside it. Everyone in the family used it without any problems at all. Later on when I was a teenager we had a wall phone in the kitchen that I would gab on for hours. Bending and swaying,I'd walk around the corner, pulling the cord as far as I could and then when you got finished you had to untangle the cord or Mom would be furious! It was black too.

After we got married our phone was Harvest Gold, it was the 1970's and we were uptown! We had one phone until our daughters began to say we were the last people on Earth with only one. It really didn't bother Hubby and me, we didn't even have cable AND we still had a rotary dial on the TV and the microwave. When you are that behind in technology, you kind of give up! But we eventually gave in and the girls got phones in their rooms followed by small TV's.

But we changed with the times, buying VCR's, then DVD players and now we have a DVR...and we know how to program it! Major accomplishment. We have appropriate size TV's not to embarrass ourselves when company comes. No rotary dials now on anything in the house. We have 4 cordless phones only because I don't want to have to walk up or down stairs to answer phones and we both carry cell phones. Mine is a TracPhone. The pay as you go kind. Small, old and it doesn't even take pictures. I cling to it for security, the one thing in my life that I completely know how to run and program...Off and On!


  1. Mine is not a track phone, but it doesn't take pictures and is very simple to operate.

    Hubby's is a blackberry - - - and I can't even turn the thing on.

  2. I know what you mean Keetha! When his phone rings I don't have a clue which button to push to turn it on!

  3. They say people that embrace technology live longer. I;m trying! Looks like a nice phone.

  4. Also have a "go" phone for my cell; just don't feel the need to spend tons of money on something else.

  5. Thank you for my laugh this morning ..
    memories are made of this ,, is what comes to mind,,,remember taht old song,,, but I think that one was in the late 50'--early 60's.
    Ha ha
    That is one phone your hubby has there. My daughter has that one and does her email, everything on it.... Awesome phone..

  6. It is fun remembering how far we have come technologically. I remember the black phones and the wall phones, and the harvest gold phones. Been there! When I try and tell my kids they just look at me like I am a cavewoman - hee hee.
    If your hubby got an Iphone he will LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have one and I cannot live without it. I can even blog and comment from it.
    It is awesome and it is amazing how far phones have come!

  7. Well, I'm jumping full force into phone technology next month with I'm up for contract and an upgrade. I'm getting an I-phone. I never thought I'd want one, but I said the same thing about a microwave. LOL!

    I actually think the DVR is easier to program than a VCR. At least with DirecTV, you just go to the guide, find the program you want to record and push the record button. No entering time, date and channel.

  8. We broke down and purchase a standard cell phone two years ago, but we only use it when we are traveling or hiking. Ten years ago if you were walking down the street and saw someone talking, you'd move away for fear they were demented. What hath God wrought in such a short period of time :-).

  9. Isn't technology amazing? The things we used to consider luxury are now necessities in our lives!


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