Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Lemonade Stand

What would summer be without neighborhood kids having a Lemonade Stand? Grandson Gavin and our sweet neighbors Lily and Josie had a fun afternoon last summer selling lemonade and freshly baked sugar cookies to the neighbors of South Sun Estates. I don't think any of us would have dreamed of calling the on!

7 Young Pa. Lemonade Sellers Have Brush With Law
(AP) – Jul 18, 2009
HAVERFORD, Pa. — Seven suburban Philadelphia children had a brush with the law for selling without a permit — selling lemonade, that is.
But police say it was all a misunderstanding.
A neighbor called Haverford Township police July 10 about the sales. He says the youngsters were going door-to-door and he didn't think they were being properly supervised.
A responding officer told the kids they were violating an ordinance that bans sales without a permit.
But Deputy Chief John Viola says the officer didn't know the law doesn't apply to anyone under 16 years old.
Sgt. Joe Hagan says he has been buying lemonade from neighborhood kids for a dozen years and it never occurred to him he might be aiding and abetting lawbreakers. He met with the kids and told them they were doing nothing wrong.
Information from: The Philadelphia Inquirer,

The kids were doing what enterprising kids do in the summer - trying to make a little spending money. Going door to door is just dangerous in these times, and I think the neighbor who complained did so out of concern for the kids welfare. They say headlines sell papers and that one definitely catches your eye!

It's hard to say no to kids selling fresh lemonade. There they sit, braving the summer heat just to serve up a tangy sweet cup of yellow goodness for the paltry sum of a quarter! Only the meanest neighbor could drive by without at least a wave! Well, we don't have any mean neighbors here in South Sun. The kids made over $50 that hot summer afternoon, one very generous lady gave a $5 tip to the kids! They shared in the profits, each coming away with what they felt was fair wages for a fun afternoon!


  1. Oh my goodness how cute are they!
    Pass me some lemonade please! :)

  2. I'll buy their lemonade and leave a tip any day :-). I do, however, think there is a valid concern being expressed here. A stand, where Mom can keep an eye on events is one thing, but going door to door is another. I question how safe this is for the kids. It's a shame the complaining neighbor didn't contact the mom rather than the police. The world has changed.

  3. wow...fifty bucks ~ that's pretty good. what's a cup of lemonade go for these days? i got a nickle, back when i had my lemonade stand - was lucky if i cleared $2 at the end of the day! location, location, location...(g)

  4. Teaching the kids to use what they have at hand to earn some money ,plus, giving the neighbors a good cool glass of homemade lemonade. awww keep a eye on them and let them have fun while working.
    Good for your grandson. reminds me of the 'good ole days ".

  5. Thanks for your comments! Chez...the going rate was 25 cents, we through in a freshly made sugar cookie for 50 cents. People bought the cookies and gave tips. We only have a few neighbors out here on Granny Mountain so that was very good wages for an afternoon!

  6. My kids used to love putting up a lemonade stand. Whenever I see kids selling lemonade, I alwasy try to stop and buy a cup.

  7. Good job to the kids!
    I think the summer lemonade stand not only teaches kids a work ethic but boosts their self esteem - besides just being fun!
    It is SUPER hard not to stop for cute kids selling Lemonade!!


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