Saturday, August 1, 2009


Don't you love it when you get an email that just makes you feel good all over?
Warm and fuzzy, head screwed on straight, ready to face the day with a smile!

Aunt B. shares again...

Labrador Retrievers are one of God's many blessings. I know first hand, we've had two...Maggie and Abby. Our good neighbors Karen and David have a sweet black Lab named Jet who came into their life a little over a year ago. They had lost their dear old Amos, another black Lab and were heartbroken. Why is it that Lab owners love the breed? They are wonderful dogs that love to learn and please their master. Born to serve and devoted to their family they could be one of God's best creations!


  1. My daughter has her family;s second lab. The first Golden Retriever Ben, died at age 14 .
    Christmas brought the twins a yellow lab, Lily, who is a delight .
    Yes labs are very lovable .

  2. Amen! Special, special family members!

  3. My mom has a black lab named Sam. She has so much personality and seems more like a child than a dog.

    I hope that you are having a nice weekend!

  4. even if I have a cat I prefer dogs.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  5. Labrador! I don't have one but I've a beagle. She's a playful type but still obey and listen to me! She actually understand every word I said to her! I love looking at her reaction when I talking to her. Even my kids would laugh!!


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