Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Small Town America Rocks!

Daughter Stephanie and family were here on vacation last week. She loves the area and always looks forward to sightseeing and visiting old friends. Northwest Arkansas has some pretty unique landmarks. Popeye waves at you from the Allen Canning Factory in Springdale, Arkansas.

Mr. Turkey stands guard in front of a poultry supply company...

"Parking" for patrons of Prairie Creek Boat Dock Cafe...

The old brick streets of downtown Rogers, Arkansas...

Springdale Bowl has amazing cheeseburger baskets, who woulda thought?

Downtown Rogers Frisco Park

Daisy Air Rifle Museum, downtown Rogers...

Very first Walmart opened here in Rogers in 1962!

Fayetteville's beautiful Old Main at the University of Arkansas

Springdale has a unique McDonald's!

You know your're almost home when you reach the Bobby Hopper Tunnel!

War Eagle Mill

The sound of trains in the distance...

Hobbs State Park just up the road...

Tontitown was having their Grape Festival...
small town America rocks!


  1. We haven't been here, yet. TY for the enticing tour ... love waterfalls. Hope all is well with you, Joy

  2. What a lovely post. A perfect tribute to the joys and simple pleasures of small town America.

  3. What a beautiful town! And lovely pictures you got there.

  4. Lovely tour .Thank you for sharing with us.
    There is no where like my home town,as aunt Bea sang on Andy Griffin..

  5. What great pictures! Esp War Eagle and Old Main!!!

  6. What a wonderful area! Some of those pictures look like postcards! Beautiful :D


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