Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thanks Ken!

There are some things that just make life easier. This boat locker is definately on my list of "Favorites" right now. When daughter Stephanie and family came for their summer visit recently our Son (in-law) Ken helped Hubby build this wonderful timesaver at the boat dock.
They put their heads together, measured and re-measured, and then just got lucky when they made the locker 8 foot tall instead of 8 foot 1 inch. You probably can't see it, but the metal frame at the top right corner would have prevented any taller locker being built! They pre-assembled at the house and carried the panels down the steep hill with the golf cart! It took brains and brawn to get this job done!

Last weekend we added a shelf for all of the ski tubes and floats.
They are huge, but when you take the air out they are flat and managable.

Below we added some nails to hold our ski vests, boat bumpers and miscellanous fishing stuff in bags. There's plenty of room below for the big plastic bin of towels and throws.
It's been so cool here lately that we have to use a throw to cover our legs for night rides...that's just crazy for August in Arkansas!

We have it all stuffed inside, tackle box and fishing rods...
and our two favorite floats that let us soak and sun at the same time.
All safe and dry thanks to Ken!


  1. What a peach of a son(il), Joy ... love the 'shed' storage. Obviously, it is quite handy for you all. Lovely lake ... Have a great weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Great idea. Makes life so much easier I'm sure:)

  3. What a clever storage solution and the price was right :-).

  4. Yes, the price was such a savings over having it built! Our Son (in-law) is so talented, he can build anything!


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