Friday, August 7, 2009

Wanna hear something funny?

Hubby has been truck shopping the past few weeks. It's his favorite thing to do, the planning of the next vehicle. It starts with car magazines, hours on the Internet, studying the best deals in the newspaper and culminates with the deal. We have bought new for years now so we hadn't really considered a used truck until one caught his eye as he was coming home from work last week. There it set, prominently parked in the very front center of the lot. Here I am, in all my shiny glory for the next owner! Being a careful shopper and a seasoned one after many vehicle purchases, we went to LOOK at the truck. The following day he went to DRIVE the truck. Like new, loaded with everything one could desire, and a good price. Now was the time to make the DEAL. Yesterday, bright and early he calls to tell them he'll be by to leave a deposit. I can just imagine the salesman doing a little dance as he thinks, "This was too easy!" On the other side of town Hubby is doing a little "I have a new truck" dance. But the dancing stopped in less than an hour when the salesman calls back and says, "Sorry, it's already been sold."

Last night was kind of quiet around here. I could hear the wheels turning in Hubby's head. We talked a little about other trucks that he was considering. Lots of choices with the automotive industry practically having to stand on their heads to get people to buy. But everything paled in comparison to that shiny black truck that he found on the Dodge lot a few days ago.

I got a call a little while ago from the salesman. The same one with bad news yesterday, had good news today. A little mix-up at the dealership had caused them to feloniously set the truck aside as SOLD, when in fact the buyer was US! It seems the salesman he started the deal with, took yesterday off and another salesman just marked it sold. Now, I don't claim to know anything about the car crisis in America, but I would think a sticky note could have prevented all of this! See previous post on STICKY NOTES!

The old 1946 Dodge at the top of this post may be worth more than this one!


  1. That old truck is super! The new truck is really pretty. Love the story you will have to tell about this for years to come, Joy. He's going to really enjoy the truck. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Every household needs a truck. My red Ford F-150 is currently loaded to the max with tables, chairs and other paraphrenalia to set up for a party tomorrow night. We thought we were going to be setting up tonight, but we found out today that we can't have access to the place we rented until 1 hour and 15 minutes before the party is to begin. Things are going to get interesting, and it will definitely rate a blog post.

  3. At first I thought he bought that nice old truck. Ha! It sure is a beauty! But his new one is also!! Have fun in it!! Loved the story...

  4. I miss those days when hubby had car trading fever..
    Good looking truck he got there..
    Good story with it too.Mistakes can make for some good memories sometimes.
    Elsie <><

  5. That's funny! Enjoy your new truck and a nice weekend!

  6. Both trucks are beautiful!!!

  7. Men are so funny about their vehicles - It IS a beautiful truck though!
    I like the old one at the top too - It reminds me of Waltons Mountain - hee hee.
    My husband has been looking at the new Camero's (which we cannot afford). I keep teasing him that it must be his mid-life crisis car, but I still find him looking at it on the computer - so funny!

  8. The old truck retains it's value and the new and pretty one will flush a few thousand down the drain after starting it up for the first time. I vote for the old truck.


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