Thursday, September 10, 2009

Losing It

I think I know all of you well enough at this point to bare my soul, I'm losing it...actually I'm losing a lot of things here lately. Since you are my good friends you won't point out to me that it could be age-related. Mom calls it OA... she won't even say "Old Age!" Here lately I'm misplacing the "Necessity of Life Things" like cords, chargers and adapters.

This is a great flashlight that we could use again if we could find the charger that came with it. On the right is the air pump that came with our air beds, the cord thief has hid that charger too. Yesterday when I needed to air up the beds for a neighbor I searched for over an hour trying to find that silly cord. It's here somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

I am Woman... so I was able to figure out how to air it up quickly. Let me show you...


  1. Happens to all of us Joyce. More often than not, I use a vacuum cleaner to fill ours. As soon as I've done that Bob will find the pump charger :-).

  2. Wow !!
    that's quick thinking, I guess I'm not that mechanically inclined !

  3. Gosh why does everything have to have a charger????Drives me crazy....I've been looking for the one for our favorite spotlight....I put it up somewhere safe.........

  4. Yep I will have to "remember " that for hard times. LOL I have one of those on my carpet patio/porch to sweep with..
    Of course it ain't OA ...naw we ain't 100 years old yet...
    Sounds like to me ,you live in a normal house hold.

  5. You are one smart lady - I wouldn't have thought of that and I lose everything too. Ha ha

  6. I have resorted to using my blow dryer before but this would be much more effiecient! Ya think it would speed dry my hair too?

    Here's sending ya'll the best weekend ever from the Ozarks!

  7. Losing things doesn't mean OA. My daughter calls me all the time asking what she did with so and so and she lives clear across the country!

    I say losing things are for those with actively creative minds. (and female ingenuity) Now, what did I do with that keyboard???

  8. I felt very schmart when I thought of the blower! Man, was it quick to fill up that airbed! ha ha
    joy c. at grannymountain


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