Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer's Last Hurrah

Well, Fall officially arrived yesterday and the leaves are starting to fall in the woods around our house. We live amidst huge Oaks, Walnuts, Hickories and Dogwoods. This is the time of year that if you don't stay up with "leaf blowing," they will pile up to eyeball level!

We've had a few nights in the 40's, but the woods are holding onto the last bits of summer. This has been a very wet summer so everything is still pretty green.
The Trumpet Vines are on the farm fences as I go into town and they sport their bright orange bugles for the hummingbirds to enjoy right up to frost.
Ironweed may be a beautiful flower, but it can be troublesome when it takes over in a pasture. This one adorns an old wooden fence, almost as if it had been intentionally planted!

Goldenrods wave in the breeze showing off their fall colors...

Queen Anne's Lace grows in every fence row in Arkansas. It is a delicate and beautiful, but most consider it a weed! The wild flower grows happily in dry fields and is a member of the parsley family.
Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa) is plentiful in Benton County right now. Also called "Milkweed" by native Arkansan's, it's pumpkin color stands out this time of year.
This is Summer's last hurrah and the wildflowers are struttin' their stuff!


  1. Beautiful wildflower pictures. We were in Arkansas last weekend. Not the best weather, but I think it was better than they had here in Alabama.

  2. For whatever reason, it always makes me sad to see the ferns go down. Your photos are lovely.

  3. your photos are wonderful. i'm happy to see summer go and autumn return. i will however be ready in a few monthes for summer to show her face again!

  4. I loved the photos and your blog is awesome!

  5. The first picture is awesome and I love all of them. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I just love these transition times -- they have a beauty and energy off of their own! Thanks for the pictures!


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