Monday, December 20, 2010


This time of year my heart begins to swell when I think of the blessings in our lives, family and good health at the top of my list. We live in a small town and even now are protected somewhat from the cruel realities of the World. Until you open your eyes and see there are those who are hurting right now.

We have one, yes only one homeless man that we see around town. He pulls a little grocery cart, like the ones our Grandmothers used to carry their groceries home from the neighborhood store. I see him and my heart goes out to his plight. I don't know how he reached this point, maybe a broken heart or a broken spirit. He's the age that he could very easily be a Viet Nam Veteran. Or maybe life just hasn't been as kind to him. 

This week as I baked cookies for neighbors, mailmen and the many who care for my Mom at Jamestown... I kept thinking about him. I wondered who he had in the world that he should be spending Christmas with? If he still had his parents, if he has brothers or sisters that he once shared the joys of the Season.

One little box of cookies and he wasn't hard to find, he's usually on the corner of Poplar and 8th. Reaching out felt good. His name is Mark.


  1. Joycee, Showing kindness to Mark is a good thing. I hope others follow in your footsteps.

  2. Because we are blessed...we bless. Don't know why the pass it on principal is so hard to put into action but most of the time it takes a lot of prompting. Home made cookies...who knows the last time he had one and they look delicious!

  3. Sorry, I left a comment and mentioned I like the music playing, bu then I realized it was coming from another blog! lol Did I mention I am havinga really bad cold? lol Sorry about that. :-)


    Luciane at

  4. Thank you for reminding me to reach out to someone less fortunate. We get so caught up with all the pressure to make a perfect day, and really for what reason do we do it. I will say a prayer for Mark.

  5. That was a very sweet thing to do.

    It just breaks my heart this time of year to hear about and think about all the homeless people. I hope each one finds a warm place to stay.

    It does make you count your blessings!

    I give to the Salvation Army each time I pass by their kettles. I didn't realize how much they do to help others until doing a little research on them. I was surprised by all the different things.

  6. We have a family here in Springville that opened up their home to a homeless couple with two children.. They told them they could stay at their house as long as it was needed.. The man now rides to work with the husband and has a job at McDonalds..I wish I could do something like this but it's just not possible..hubby wouldn't care for this.. Thanks for caring for Mark..
    Have a great Christmas..ta ta for now from Iowa


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