Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Woodland Tree

The little woodland tree that sits in the dining room is close to being a Charlie Brown tree. Sparse and plain, with only a minimum of lights, it's my favorite of the three we put up every year. The ornaments are brown and twiggy; pine cones that Daddy picked up in the woods for me years ago, honeysuckle heart wreaths and birds of all kinds.

Sitting underneath waiting for Christmas to come are the Boyd's Bears that were Amy's when she was a little girl. The Easter Rabbit and a lone Christmas Mouse keep each other company until Santa arrives...

Feather birds, even chickens roost on the branches...

A pretty little Cardinal sets in a nest...

A Blue Jay eyes a Christmas plum...

Santas line up on this sideboard...

The oldest is a Santa bell from my husband's first Christmas in 1951. We bought many of the little wooden ornaments when we lived in California in the early 1970's, they were 10 cents each...on sale of course! Every year we add more and now I have to pick and choose favorites to have enough room on this table. I love the Santa in the Ark, do you spot it on the left?

We have tall Santas and short Santas, fat Santas and skinny Santas...about every kind of Santa you can imagine! The little Santa frames hold a pictures of our GRANDsons!

Every Christmas when I unpack these, they are new joy and many happy memories of Christmases long ago!


  1. Love the tree....I think nature it the best beauty and this captures all and then to know your Dad made many of the ornaments is even more special.

  2. How special your tree is. I love your table display also.


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