Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Apache the House Horse

Judi over at Beauty and Bread had the funniest pictures on her blog recently. She risked life and limb to get this picture, and it's priceless! Can you see the horse on the porch? Looks like he's scratching at the door, "Let me in!"

I guess it's no different from Porch Chickens...

Or Pool Ducks...

Or even a Dining Room Calf!

We've got a deer problem out here on GrannyMountain so it wouldn't surprise me a bit if one day I have a doe join me on the patio for drinks!

We too had a House Horse, or he wanted to be. Our daughters had an Appaloosa growing up that would follow me to the back porch (if he was tied nearby) and practically begged to come in! He would stand at the kitchen window and watch me as I washed the dishes. It was a little odd I guess! Apache was a card carrying Pespi fan, loved my spaghetti and was more dog than horse. You can do that to almost any pet, make them so dependant on you that they crave your presence. Especially hard if it's a horse, or chickens or cows. Jayme over at Tales From the Coop Keeper proudly shares with us pictures of her hens enjoying the comforts of home, her home. Hey, she puts a diaper on them, she prides herself on being a very good housekeeper! Ree at Pioneer Woman has cows on her front porch, but she draws the line if they make a "mess." I wish I had a picture of our Peeping Tom Horse, you'll just have to trust me on this one...


  1. You should link up to Angela's Show and Tail - great story.

    Have a good day.


  2. Joycee, thanks for the shoutout. I love your ducks, chickens, calf and fawn. I actually have a friend who raises deer and often has a bottle-fed fawn running through the house. To each his own, I guess.

  3. PW...IF they make a mess...oh and they do make big yucky ones too! My sis who lives in Alaska had a moose that would hang out at her kitchen window and tap it with his nose! :D

  4. Joycee, great pictures. As we were heading up the road to do errands this morning we spotted a peacock sitting on the gate. His owner also has guinea hens, goats, ducks, and geese, all living in harmony.
    Animals give us so much pleasure in life. Don't you agree?

  5. The pictures cracked me up...what fun to have the animals that close by!!!!

    I have a little Appy mare that loves to follow everyone around. The chickens only love me when they see me coming with the "leftover food" bucket.

    I'm so looking back to going back to Washington for the summer and back to all my critters.


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