Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bread Crumbs or GPS?

Ever been lost? Really lost, without a map or a GPS? Almost all our "lost" experiences revolve around vacations. When the girls were growing up, there were no Tom Tom's, no Navi's, just the driver (Hubby) and the front seat passenger (me) with a big ol' Rand McNally Map! We travelled a lot back then, from the Midwest to the Gulf coast, to the West Coast, back again the the Midwest and then to the East coast. All along the way we got lost, had fights and somehow found our way home! Vacations are stressful anyway but add to the mix not knowing whether you should follow I-W35E or I-E35S in the middle of Dallas and that's an argument in the making! There have been times when I've travelled on my own and for those times I bring out my arsenal of sticky notes. The map was along for the ride, but my sticky notes saved me from getting so lost I'd never find my way home, kind of like bread crumbs!

It's a lot easier now with navigation systems. We had a Garmin first, it got stolen in Des Moine...don't leave them in the car. Now we have a Tom Tom that politely tells us; "Turn left at the next intersection, then proceed on to I-E35S, you are 274 miles from your destination of San Antonio, Texas and will arrive at 7:21PM."

Thank God for technology!

“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

Lewis Carroll


  1. It's been awhile since I have been lost. I remember as a child going on trips with just my Mom and Grandmother and getting lost. It always scared me and my sister to death.

    That's a great photo. That road is definetely a road less traveled.

  2. Yes, it is! Amazing right? How much it cost per unit?

  3. ~no navigational system for us...we kind of find joy in getting lost and discovering a place we would have never been...brightest blessings~

  4. I've been lost, never seriously though. Thank goodness for technology.

    Did you see Alice In Wonderland? It was good.

    She was lost and then she found herself in this new version.


  5. I kind of go my the quote you have at the end.."If you don't know where you are going..." When we travel we take our time...300 miles a day would be a LOT for us....once we even went negative milage because we turned around to see something we decided we didn't want to miss. That was one of the best days...my hubby is a dream to travel with...so easy going...makes it fun!

  6. Thank goodness is right!!!!
    If my daughter didn't have her Garmin we would never know where we are in San Francisco. She used it in New Hampshire when she first moved there too. They are great!

  7. YES!
    We moved from Oregon to here in June last year..we had our handy-dandy-garmin {No, I don't leave it in the car! lol!} and I tell you what!!
    Loved it. Now, we both have on for each vehicle and I wouldn't have got anything done without it.
    LOVE IT!!!!!

  8. I so need a Tom Tom. I am notorious for getting lost.


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