Sunday, March 14, 2010

Can of Worms...

I saw a funny Dear Abby in yesterday's paper. It was titled...
"Opening doors for women can open a can of worms!"
It's just a fact that manners are an endangered species anymore, being a gentleman isn't appreciated like it once was...

DEAR ABBY: I sympathize with "Stumped for an Answer," the man who was speechless when a woman objected to his opening the door for her. Haven't we all experienced "moments after," wishing we'd found the right words at the right time?
My son - a high-school sophomore - had a timely response in a similar circumstance. We had stopped at a grocery store for a couple of items and were walking toward the exit. Just ahead was a woman carrying three large bags. My son stepped up to open the door for her, and in a strident voice she said, "Listen, Sonny, I can handle the door myself!"

My boy answered with a polite smile and a pleasant tone of voice: "I'm sorry. I'll excuse your rudeness if you'll forgive my courtesy."
- Proud Mom in Ruidoso, N.M.

I also loved this one from reader - Gretchen in Fairbanks

DEAR ABBY: To a woman who once yelled at him for opening a door for her, my husband responded: "It's not because you're a woman. It's because of your age." It left her speechless.


  1. I was at Olivia and Me...thought I would pop over and comment on the blog of the week...lo and behold it's YOU!! I thought "Oh that's my friend"...isn't it funny how we feel that way!

  2. Those are great responses... Maybe it's because we live in the south, but people here seem to be very polite and friendly.

  3. Hmmm, what is a positive twist on these crazy women? (And how nice of the boys).

    Let's see - crazy people make life much more interesting don;t they?

    Gives us something to think and write about!


  4. Sweet Greetings Granny Mountain!.... and a bunch of thanks for stopping by my blog and reading about my 'Irish Blessing Cocktail'. If you had time to try the drink I'd love some feedback from you - I think you need to be a whiskey/bourbon person to like it, some people might think it a bit strong, and it does have a big bite. Loved your post about women and doors - made me giggle but also made me sad for some people, you know?

  5. I love it when a man opens the door for me! It doesn't happen that often so when it did happen last week or so I was a little taken back and somewhat shocked and awed by it!

  6. Love those! When did women get so stupid anyway? I love it when a man acts like a man should! Come say hi :D

  7. I should have been born as a grand Southern lady....I, too appreciate good manners.

    The "worm" picture is super!

  8. Both great come backs. I welcome a door opener any day, whether it's because I'm a woman, or because of my age. I appreciate the courtesy of others.

  9. Hahaha.... oh, this is a good one! Just love it! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a nice day, Joycee!


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