Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is THIS Important?

I was looking for the keys that go to the boat locker yesterday. It's been a long winter and to tell you the truth, I haven't even thought about the boat until recently when Spring Fever reared her ugly head. I say that because we still have a lot of cool weather to get through until we can allow ourselves to consider that "Old Man Winter" is over!

Any~hoo, I was looking in the basket that sets on the kitchen counter for the keys when I came across an old phone charger. We have a collection of them in a "junk drawer" in the kitchen. I can't remember which phone they went with but they look like something we can't lose. Something of debatable significance. I may not remember precisely what it belongs to, but if I throw it away, I know we will suddenly realize that we need it. My minds' kinda like that too, cluttered with stuff I no longer need to keep hold of. I'm gonna make some space today and let go of the old...just not any of these old chargers!!!


  1. I saw an old charger in a drawer just the other day when I was looking for something else. Since we no longer own the phone it went with, I'm sure I could toss it, but I just left it there. I'm like you; might need it some day.

  2. They sure are a bother to be sure! I'm amazed some crafter out there hasn't figured out something to make with such things! LOL Come say hi :D

  3. i agree with julie...there must be SOMEthing to make out of these and old computers -- that's not bone ugly, that is. LOL.

    i'm a "throw it away now. ask later" person!!!

  4. I go on tangents - keep things that are worthless, then throw everything away. Of course, that's when we realize we needed them.
    It's good to unclutter our minds too!

  5. If the chargers already too old to be used. Just throw them away! You don't want your house to be explode by these things, right?

  6. I think we all have a spot like that somewhere. We have a box in the cabinet full of cords and computer plugs..things I don't even know the name of! I'm afraid to get rid of them and yet when we need something we go buy it new. Hmmm.


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