Saturday, June 19, 2010


I can't go to the grocery store without buying more than I have on my list. Years of buying on sale, in multiples has left me powerless to saying "no" any item that I find at a good price. My theory of buying extra was inherited from Mom, it's her fault! When I'm going through the channels, A&E's Hoarders is sometimes being advertised. I've watched the show only a few times, just not interested in watching a show about junk. I don't understand how anyone could allow this to go on. Do I see my hoarding of food as different? Yes!

#1 Our food is stored neatly in enclosed(i.e. closets) areas

#2 I never have anything that I have to throw away because it's expired

#3 I buy only things that we actually use, it's not gonna stay in a bag somewhere

#4 I don't buy on credit, we pay as we go

#5 I have extra mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickles, flour, salt, sugar, oil, peanut butter, jam, crackers, pasta, rice, beans, canned fruit, canned vegetables. Plenty of Wishbone and Ranch Dressing, extra bottles of soy, steak sauce, taco sauce, popcorn, get the idea.

So, does that constitute a hoarder? What do you think???


  1. NO WAY Joycee! You're just prepared for if anything should just never know when you'll be trapped at home and not be able to get out and shop...right?! My husband's closet is like stores extra toilet paper, paper towels, pop, chips, and what ever else I can't fit in cupboards or cabinets. I have about 10 or more packages of Jello in my cabinet...I'm not a hoarder...just prepared ;) Have a wonderful weekend! Maura :)

  2. I'm just the opposite when it comes to buying food and have had to train myself to buy multiples when things are on sale. Publix does lots of buy 1 get 1, so I will stock up on things we use when I find them like that.

  3. Hi Joycee, You don't sound like a Hoarder to me. I used to buy extra everything when I lived in Maine because I was over an hour from a good grocery store.
    I did get carried away though. I threw out a lot of expired items over the 11 years I lived there. I am trying not to repeat that now that I am in Texas and close to HEB. I know I followed in my grandmothers footsteps. Gran would buy 5 of everything, including her shoes. I kinda understood that though, she wore a size 5 and that size was hard to come by.
    I actually knew someone in California that was a bonafide Hoarder. "I diagnosed him as being really sick in the head." Even my husband was horrified to see how our poor friend lived. The lady that was dating him finally gave up trying to help him and moved on. Sad, really!

  4. I do the same thing with food items that don't spoil - ie, those you'd find in the pantry. I've always bought things on sale and used coupons. I say, if it don't drink or eat, there's not a problem. I'm pretty sure I've saved money over the years. My family teases me that I'm "expecting a flood" because of the toilet paper in the bathroom closet. Well, they've never had to do without it. :)

  5. ~nothing wrong with having stock in basics...i feel much better when our pantry is plum full and get panicky when it starts running have staples not a hoarder at all! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. I thought everyone kept spares for the nonperishables and staples.

  7. Hello joycee, been a while but enjoyed your blog as much as ever. I live alone and you should see what I buy!!

  8. No, you're not a hoarder--not IMHO anyway. You're a planner.

  9. It's all good Joycee. We are all in agreement that you are not a hoarder. I just can't be bothered to keep running back to the store for stuff.

  10. Well, if you were in Korea I would say you're well prepared for the tough winters here. ;)

    Much love from an overseas Army wife,

  11. I don't think you are a hoarder unless you have food items that have expired and they are still in your cupboard/pantry.

  12. Whew! I was a little nervous baring my soul and opening my cupboards, but I should have known you all would agree that I'm "normal!" Thanks for all the encouragement, now I've got to go to the store...


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