Saturday, March 20, 2010

Newbie to Txt

I texted my GRANDson recently just to amaze him with my technology skills! It's always fun to pretend you know what's happening, even if you don't. Hubby and I study the Best Buy ads every week and read the technology page in Saturday's paper...that's about the extent of our learning curve! But what I don't know, I make up for with my "try it out, give it a whirl, I can figure this out" attitude! A friend on Facebook posted a fun quiz last week that tested your knowledge of texting. Go To Quiz will score you on how much you know (or don't know)! After taking the test you may want to go onto Webopedia for a complete list of abbreviations that will get you up to speed. Btw... I scored 71%, a very good score that means I probably spend a lot more time texting and chatting than other things.

Not true in my case...just goes to prove you can teach an "Old Dog" new tricks!
1. Lets start with an easy one…txt
2. brb
be right back
brothers r back
braking racial barriers
bread rice beans
3. lol
leap over
llamas live or laugh
laugh out loud
4. Getting a bit harder… nm
never mind
not mine
nasty monkeys
not much
5. g2g
got 2 go
going 2 go
going 2 germany
girl 2 girl
6. lmao
laugh more and operate
laugh my a_ _ off
land mammals are organized
limes and oranges
7. rofl
rhinos oxen flamingos leopards
re-organizing file letters
rolling on floor laughing
rolling over flapjacks
8. bffl
boy friend for life
best friend for life
beautiful face fine legs
9. harder still…btw
bring the water
by the way
between better wash
10. oc
out cyah
oriented calligraphy
of course
octagon circle
open cracks
11. cos
caring or sharing
cousin because costume
crying over stupid stuff
12. h/o
hold on
horse hypnotize
13. really hard: hb
hey baby
hey babe
hi babe
hi baby
hurry back
14. twit
twice intercepted
that's what I thought
it takes two
telemarketers want information
15. ydi
you deserve it
you did it
you drank it
16. atm
automatic teller machine
at the moment
at the mall
ancient treasure map

*If you want a "Cheat Sheet," you can go to Lingo2Word and enter a text message. It will automatically decifer the message and tell you what it says in plain old English!


  1. I actually had to call AT&T yesterday to get a different texting plan. Lately several of my customers have been more into texting than calling, so I was going over my 200 messages a month. Plus my DIL likes to send pictures of Lucy via text, which I certainly don't want to discourage!

  2. The first time I saw lol I thought it meant... Lot's of love. My daughter set me straight.

  3. LOL..LOL..LOL me to, all of the above! I still hate texting but I'm getting better at it! You need to come say hi girl! ;D

  4. I don't have a clue how to text message. I think it's just easier to pick up a phone or e-mail. I still don't know what all the buttons on my phone are for....


  5. You're a better woman than I, me, whatever.


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