Monday, March 15, 2010

She's Baaack!

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Last night we heard "our" Spotted Owl hoot~hoot~hooting her familiar call. It's a distinctive sound that comes from afar, deep in the woods. We first saw her in 2006, the spring we built our patios on the east side of our house. We would set resting under the huge Oak trees, taking a break and we'd see her perched high above us. We were in her forest, her did we get here and why were we putting rocks and stones where she was able to find tasty mice and chipmunk snacks??? For about two weeks we saw her daily. She would stare at us, very interested in our progress. It was nesting time and we hoped she would choose one of the big Oaks around the house to raise her young. But, Mother Nature told her to find a more secluded place to nest and she chose the deep ravine behind the house and near the lake. It too has dense woods that gave her the perfect place for her babies to hatch, grow and learn to hunt. I feel so lucky to live here, on land that is home to so much wildlife. There's not a day goes by that we don't see a deer grazing or hawks circling. Our own piece of Paradise, at least for us!

The Spotted Owl, Strix occidentalis, is a species of owl. It is a resident species of forests in western North America, where it nests in tree holes, old bird of prey nests, or rock crevices. Nests can be between 13 and 66 yards (12 to 60 meters) high and usually contain two eggs (though some will contain as many as four). It is a strictly nocturnal owl, which feeds on small mammals and birds.

The Spotted Owl is similar in appearance to the Barred Owl but has cross-shaped markings on the underparts whereas the Barred Owl is alternately barred on the breast and streaked on the belly. Barred Owls are larger and grayer than Spotted Owls. In recent years the California and Northern subspecies of Spotted Owl have been displaced by Barred Owls, which are more aggressive, have a broader diet and occur in more varied habitats.
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  1. It's been eons since I've last heard an owl hoot. Too much construction around here for that.. but the hawks and eagles do their cries during the day in search of food.

    I apprecaite the 'blog' call out Joy!! Enjoy the week to come.

    with love,

  2. ~congrats and what a honour to have such a gorgeous little friend return each year...we once had a white owl come in our front yard and just sit...and sit and felt as if time ahd if no one was breathing becasue we were afraid any slight move would send it on its way...i adore owls...brightest blessings~

  3. I just love owls. And you never see them!!! Gorgeous image:) Congrats on being featured.

  4. Thanks for sharing the owl image you found, and your owl story. We have owls here in our woods, and can hear them at night, but I have yet to see one up close and personal!

  5. Congratulations on the feature! Will hop over after this. Such a beautiful post about the owl.

  6. I to love the owls...and like us to ,we live in a wonderful wooded place where all kinds of wildlife and creatures visit...they are all welcome except for the coyote..congrats on your feature you so deserve your blog...

  7. Okay last summer we had an owl that looked just like that. He was huge!

    I hope he comes back this summer.

    Don't they eat rodents in the yard?


  8. Love that...we have big old owls here too, at night we can hear them hooting back and forth at each other! :D

  9. Joy,

    I am new to your blog from Olivia and Me. I've read through a few of your posts and will be returning! I live on a farm and once while on my daily walk I came across an owl on the ground. I stopped in my tracks and watched him for a few seconds before he turned his entire head around and spied me. He then spread his wings (and what a wing span it was and took off). It was an experience I will never forget.


  10. I love to listen to the hoot of an Owl. We have one that likes to stay in a big dead tree across from our house. It's in a big field which happens to be right in the middle of the city. I guess that's why I think it's so cool.

  11. How neat! We have owls in our woods too. My husband and sons have seen them but I haven't. It's amazing how loud they are when they are calling each other. We love to hear that sound!

  12. Your very own owl! It just makes me want to sit back and enjoy nature when I come to your blog. I'll check out Olivia and Me.
    Congratulations on being featured!


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