Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Blizzard

A week ago we woke up to a 8" of the prettiest, fluffiest, whitest snow you can imagine. I was thrilled and immediately began taking pictures and planning a hearty Sunday dinner...a roast simmering in the crockpot and homemade rolls. Snow brings out the "Little House on the Prairie" in me. I go into pioneer mode and plan for days of being stranded. Since I buy groceries and hoard enough food to last for roughly 6 months, there's little danger of being without!

You may notice there are only one set of tracks coming up the driveway...that would be Hubby's. He has to have the paper first thing or he goes into withdrawal. I swear if we were having a tornado he'd try to make a dash for the mailbox!

No other tracks on Southview this morning, the neighbors all deemed it a "snow day" and stayed inside!

After a hearty breakfast (we had bacon and eggs, hash browns and grits) Jerry went out and gave the new "ergonomic" shovel a spin. After our last big snow a few weeks ago he said he wanted a "Northern" snow shovel. One that is used to doing big jobs, not the little snows that we normally get. This has been the snowiest winter in 20 years the weatherman said. So I looked online and found this one.

Jerry has our old shovel leaning nearby, but this one is making quick work of the 8" of heavy snow.
Back and forth...

It took about an hour for a steep circle driveway, not too bad.

*A snow blower would not work for our steep driveways, they are practically vertical!


  1. Enough of the snow, it's time for spring!

    Last Monday we got ready to leave for work and we were walking out the door with snow flurries! It's unheard of this late in March and the Saturday before the high had been 76 degrees!! Hard to reorganize closets just yet but hoping it's time for pastels and sandals soon!

    Have a great week on the mountain!

  2. I had to smile after reading your blog this morning. I would have a similar routine when in Maine. I would cook up a storm, especially if high winds were in the forecast. I was always afraid of loosing power and our generator wasn't connected to the ovens. I also had a good six months supply of food in the cupboard and wine cellar.
    Like your husband, mine cleared our pathway. He has a blue shovel. They do work well. I would watch him from the kitchen window and be thankful it was him out there and not me.
    It was in the 80s here in Texas yesterday. I have not missed the snow or cold temperatures yet.
    I discovered KOHL'S recently. I found a great selection of summer clothes. I managed to do my part to stimulate the economy.
    April will be here soon and hopefully spring will rush in. Keep warm.

  3. I had to scroll back up and check the date on this post. I thought it was an older one! Luckily, I think we're done with snow for the season. (I hope.) I love winter, but we've had enough for awhile.

    Thanks for visiting and becoming a following of Blahwg! I am now following you, too.

  4. We had the same thing a week ago - but, all gone now! I saw a crocus blooming this morning - it is 45 degrees right now!

  5. Gosh, 8" snow! I thought it's spring already! Still snowing? And Ben is not comng out today huh!


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