Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 Years on GrannyMountain

Five years ago we moved to GrannyMountain, 11 months after we found the perfect place to build this house! We had searched for over 2 years for lake property almost giving up several times. Both of us love the water and the peace and quiet of the country, but if you've ever tried to find property you know it's not easy. We looked at lots of lake property that was beautiful once you got there, but the road that led you to it was either dirt or had run down trailers that needed some TLC! The country offers much, but zoning outside the city limits comes with free rein to "live as you like."

Beaver Lake is a large body of water, some 28,000 acres, so we had our choice of many areas. Hickory Creek, War Eagle and Prairie Creek were the ones we focused on. If you wanted to have a daily commute of 20+miles, there were some pretty building sites...but that would get old quickly. Lots of people do that kind of commute if you live in a larger city, but we are "small potatoes" who like to be home in 10 minutes!

Hubby found the land one weekend while I gone to my Mom's for a visit. Out for a motorcycle ride, he stumbled onto this little subdivision tucked off of Highway 12. Close to work, boat dock, country but the perks of a small neighborhood and most important...the right price! It took us less than a week to buy it, we loved it despite the fact that it was almost vertical on the side of a mountain!

Everything about the build was difficult, how to get trucks in and out and the building boom of 2005 adding to the problem of finding crews. But May 5, 2005 we moved in and love living out here with the deer and the raccoons! Thanks to Stitt Energy Systems for building us the house of our dreams with total energy costs less than $100 a month!

Read more about "building green" HERE.


  1. Blessed you! You finally found a place what you called HOME! Home Sweet Home!
    Have a great time!
    Blessings, Kristy

  2. Happy Anniversary :) We know what it is like searching for that special property and the pitfalls of building a house.
    Living on or very near water has always been very important to me. I have never lived more than a mile from the ocean.
    This time it will be a river, (Guadalupe).

  3. I get asked all the time by people who come to my Exploritas programs if I mind my daily drive of 20 miles each way. I tell them that when I lived in Southern California, I drove 5 miles each way, and it took the same amount of time.

    Let's see, which would YOU prefer: 20 miles of lakes, trees, flowers and blue sky or 5 miles of freeway and wall-to-wall buildings and cars.

    There's no contest for me.

    Congrats on finding YOUR perfect place, exactly where you want it to be.

  4. Hello Joycee, it sounds like the perfect place for you and the fact that the price was right is icing on the cake! You have a beautiful home in a beautiful area and you're very lucky that it's so close to work. That usually doesn't happen when you want to live in the country. We are one of the ones who has the 20+ miles to drive to the YMCA and hubby has +30to drive to work but we love it. He'll be retired in 4 years so that's ok. If only we'd done this years ago. Oh...and we live on a DIRT road too LOL...better that than a busy road with lots of traffic on it...for us. I love the fact that your house is 'green''ve got the best of both worlds...with a view! Have a wonderful day....Maura:)

  5. Your home is beautiful . . .

  6. The perfect home for the perfect couple in the perfect setting ... you are so fortunate! Beautiful ..

    Have a great day!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon


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