Friday, May 14, 2010

Beauty...and the Beast

I've been gardening daily now, also known as "The Evening Buffet" for the deer!

I was setting out another flat of flowers and noticed a large black snake is on a rock ledge watching me. Far enough away that I didn't pee my pants and afterall it was a black snake, a beneficial snake if you can say that in the same sentence. He or She was about 4 foot long, and was about the size of a childs' wrist. I didn't get the camera and take a picture so if you'd like to see a Black Rat Snake, the variety that is most common in Arkansas, click HERE. Pioneer Woman showed us a cows' prolapsed uterus, but I'm still not over that and I don't want to cause any mental traumas. I'll let you decide if you want to see how scary she was...

Stop reading now if you have a weak stomach. I'm going to show you a picture that I took last summer. A garter snake, doing what snakes do. Turn away now if you're squeemish. Ok, are you ready? Are you sure?

Don't blame me, I warned you...


  1. I hate snakes they are all scary to me but I looked, and I will have nightmares tonight :)
    The deer are adorable but quite destructive we planted a border of high bush blueberries when our house in Maine was new, they ate them. The next planting was arborvitae, they ate them. Our third try we planted Spirea, they have left them alone.
    I'm sure the deer are disgusted with us, too bad!

  2. The deer are so pretty..The snake..oooh that was creepy looking..but that is what snakes is just the way of your blog...

  3. ~a beautiful photo of your deer...sorry they are enjoying evening buffets on your parents have the same issue! as fo rthe are one brave little lady...i would not be able to get so close to the little guy...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Love the deer!! The snake is awesome too. Poor toad had to go in from the back so he must have suffered longer..

  5. Ohhh, not again, Joycee! hehe...

    Regards, Kristy


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