Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Job

I wasn't waitress material...on my very first day of my very first job, I gave my two week notice. That sounds like I am such a quitter and I hate that! But I was 15, the job was an assigned job with the VICA-DECA program at school and I had asked for a job that I could learn a trade. That's evidently what they had available so that's how I ended up in that cafe in 1968. It had maybe 20 tables but when lunchtime rolled around it was up to me, on my first day to take the orders and remember who ordered what. I failed miserably. It was a horrible feeling but I knew right off that this was not going to work. At the end of the day, I walked up to my boss and told her I wasn't cut out for this and I was giving my two week notice. She wasn't too surprised. It could have scarred me for life, but I moved on. In no time I was working in a flower shop, loving every minute and learning from a very patient, encouraging boss who loved to teach.

When I came across this website the other day at Hardly Famous, it made me feel a little better that others have moved on from their first jobs!

Michael Jordan – His first job was in a hotel and it lasted a week.
Bono – Gas station attendant.
Al Pacino – He got fired from his first job as a cinema usher.
Mariah Carey – Hat checker (she got fired).
Stephen King – Janitor.
Robin Williams – Ice-cream scooper.
Jennifer Aniston – Telemarketer.
Warren Beaty – Rat catcher.
Tom Hanks – Popcorn and peanuts vendor.
Madonna – Worked at a Dunkin Donuts.
Clint Eastwood – Pool boy, gas station attendant.
Brad Pitt – Dressed as a giant chicken for a Mexican restaurant.
Ellen Degeneres – Cleaned cars.
Rod Stewart – Grave digger.
Mick Jagger – Porter in a mental hospital.
Nicolas Cage – Sold popcorn at a theatre.
Julia Roberts – Worked in an ice cream shop.
Quentin Tarantino – Video store clerk.
Danny DeVito – Hairdresser in his sister’s salon.
Keanu Reeves – Janitor.
GRANDson Jackson is hoping to find his first job this summer. With the economy the way it is, there haven't been too many options.
I did see a couple jobs listed in last Sunday's paper...
Sign Shaker or one I KNOW he would excell at...
Donut Maker!


  1. ~too funny are happy you were able to walk away and move forward in life! mine was a receptionist at a hair salon...was there five years...nothing great but it paid! always thought it would be fun to work in a florist shop...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. There were not a lot of jobs in Camden for teenagers when I was growing up. In the summer, a lot of the boys went to the wheat fields, starting in Oklahoma and working their way to Kansas following the wheat harvest. I mostly babysat for my younger cousins.

  3. I love the message on the table - great idea! teehee sandie

  4. My first job was a KFC waitress! I was 16. I worked about 12 hours a day during my school holidays. It was a tough job but I'm glad I managed to survive there. I quite the job because I need more time for my studies. Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend, Joycee!
    Blessings, Kristy

  5. I was a TG&Y girl in the notions department.
    Do you remember those stores?

  6. We have all been there and done that where jobs are concerned. LOL

  7. I love remembering these things! My first real job was prepping cars for painting at a body shop. I masked off the chrome, removed letters and logos, that kind of thing. I was 16.


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