Thursday, May 6, 2010

Full Moon Mischief

I've been under a spell this past week, dreaming the most far out situations. I was reading others blogs and it seems the Full Moon may be up to no good with Her shenanigans. You know, insomnia, short tempers and even some of our pets are taking Spring night strolls only to run into a skunk! Yep, they are out and if you scare them they will give you a "gift" that will last for weeks!
Poor Judi at Beauty and Bread has been living with Pepe LePew since he had a run in with a skunk this week! Two old standby remedies, tomato juice and Listerine produce less than favorable results. Tomato juice will make the pup's coat an odd shade of "pink" that reminds you of the huge mess you had giving the bath AND he still stinks! Listerine smells bad on it's own, but added to skunk it's a new definition in smelly! I'm thinking that Ben may have an encounter with a skunk on his nightly constitutionals, so I Googled "Skunked."

Thrifty Fun had some great information from readers what worked for them. Now I'm armed and ready if this happens!

If you can determine the spot where he got hit (hard to do since your eyes are watering from the stench) you can trim away the hair from that area.

Keep some Massengil douche on hand. Just the original scent. My vet swears by this and also people I know that volunteer at animal shelters.
By runuts251

The recipe by chemist Paul Krembaum works the best. The recipe is here:
By Dorsi

First time my dog got sprayed, I tried peroxide, tomato juice, and backing soda. Nothing. Then I tried Skunk Off shampoo. A small improvement. I had to take her to the vet anyway. Recently it happened again with my other dog. I used what I saw my vet use, DoggiCLEEN Skunk Spray. It did the trick fast and effectively for a tiny fraction of my first Veterinary bill.
By Lucylove

Imagine the looks when I went to the grocery and bought 8 boxes of douche, nothing else. The look from the clerk, well, all I said was, "don't ask". She didn't. The embarrassment was worth it. I stood both dogs in the tub, poured 4 bottles on each, let them stand for 15 min. and bathed with scented dog shampoo. It was wonderful, no stinky dogs. Had I known that the first spraying, they would not have had stand-off-ish family because of their odor for a month till the second spraying. Now everyone is happy. This really works.
By Holly

What I found that works amazingly well is tea tree oil shampoo. One shampoo neutralizes all scent, even close range blasts. Our Lab has gotten skunked twice in the past 2 months, and I'll never use another product.
By maryflanagan

Using mint toothpaste works really well to take out the skunk smell. It also makes a white dog very white. Be careful not to use the toothpaste with whitener other than baking soda in as it irritates the skin. This was recommended by out vet last fall when our 3 dogs got a skunk cornered.
By Cassaundra

There is a spray the works wonders. I got it for my dog when he killed a skunk and the sac broke open it was a nasty mess. I got a solution called Natures Miracles it's a deskunker that has natural enzymes. Then when it dries and sits a day it will take the odor out.
By Crystal

I worked for a veterinarian over 30 years ago and that is exactly what we used, I've told many people about this, it really does work. The vet had us use unscented douche because it was less irritating to a dog's skin.
By annie

Bowls of vinegar help with the smell in the house.
By Craig

After reading these tips, I'm stocking up on Massengil!


  1. ~oh so happy i need not worry about a pepe le pew problem...i can only imagine! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. Foxy's scent is much improved, and she's currently living with me rather than in skunk country; hopefully we won't have a repeat episode anytime soon.

    I tried Hydrogen Peroxide and Dawn, which worked pretty well.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. Joycee, Such a funny story, although I wouldn't be laughing if one of my babies got skunked. I hate that smell and yesterday morning when we let the little ones out for their morning walk we smelt that obvious skunk odor. We will be as vigilant as possible but I will buy some Massengil, just in case.

  4. GREAT "smelly" post. I am glad you found something that works.

  5. Good Morning Joycee, today is grocery day and I'm getting some Massengil! We live in the country and yesterday I smelled skunk but so far all 3 dogs are stinkless. I know one of these days it's going to happen and I'm going to be prepared! I wouldn't dare use tomato juice on my Akbash...he's HUGE and PURE white...can you imagine the farmers driving by seeing a huge PINK dog on the farm!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day....Maura;-)

  6. Thanks for passing that is such an awful thing for them and for us! Come say hi sometime :D

  7. When they run inside from the doggy door, the smell is so bad and pungent, your brain can't process for a few seconds, that it is skunk stink. Nevertheless, I put a thick baking soda solution on then a skunk shampoo I got from a pet store. Then more soda bath. It takes several days for the smell to leave your house. I absolutely can't stand it. I read that skunks don't like the smell either.

  8. What an awful mess...I really feel for you but it's good to know about the douche "fix".
    My husband is also having a terrible time with insomnia this week...I'll tell him to avoid nocturnal walks!!! I don't know how he'd feel about the "fix"!

  9. I've never had to deal with this problem - thankfully. I'll have to remember the douche idea just in case. Love the story about buying it at the grocery store! laurie


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