Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life is Good!

Ben, here. Mom's taking the day off so it's me or nothin'. Not too much going on here on GrannyMountain. I've been supervising putting mulch down in all the flowerbeds. It takes them forever to do a project anymore, nearly two weeks to put down 12 truckloads of mulch. Dad has reset the stepping stones that go down the hillside on the east side of the house. One of the things that isn't so fun about living here is that it's hard to walk without feeling like you are going to slip and roll down the mountain! Not me of course, I have 4 wheel drive!

I'm planning my summer...
*Sleeping on the patios
*Going out on the boat
*Watching for deer to bark at
*Eating hot dogs that fall off the Grandkids plates
*Riding around in the golf cart every chance I get

It's pretty laid back, dress code is swimsuits and flip flops but I like to just wear a short coat...Life is good!


  1. How fun was that huh, Ben! Love you always.

  2. Ben, I just love your posts!

    Please tell your mama that our bluebirds are going CRAZY around here!!! They are fluttering around our deck and feeders, even perching right in the window on the hummingbird feeder. Not sure what has caused all their frenzy - - - Fisherhubby thinks they want to get his attention, for what I know not. I told him he was crazy.

  3. Well Ben, It's nice to "hear" from you again. Sounds like you have everything under control. When you see the folks, will ya relay a message for me? Just tell them I'm working real hard this first year in PA and a dog's life is sounding mighty tempting...

    BTW, Ben, can I borrow your four wheel drive? These mountains, slopes and hills are playing havoc on my back!

    Happy Memorial Day to you and yours...

  4. i want to spend the summer with you ben, well except for the hot dog part! i want mine before it hits the ground!

  5. So good to hear from you! I answer to most anything -- half the time I am not sure I remember my own name!

    I will look into the cooking group. Right now I have a lot of irons in the fire. Your dog's life certainly sounds like something I would like to experience.


  6. Ain't life grand? What a deliriously fun summer you have planned. Ben .... now he is simply adorable!

  7. Oh, the dog days of summer! Ben's got the good life!

  8. You are awesome, Ben. Foxy says "hi."

  9. Life is good sometimes isn't it?
    Who needs tv when we can all look at each other's happy moments?


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