Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magic Trick

Everday across the country families sit down to that "Magic Trick" called dinner. I say Magic is involved because often times it involves the things that are in the fridge in separate bowls waiting for Wednesday's "Something from Nothing" dinner.

You know what I'm talking about. That one chicken breast, those two spoonfulls of gravy, the half a baked potato that was salvaged from your resident picky eater.

My Mother was Queen of Leftovers. Nothing was ever thrown out. Nothing ever spoiled because she was diligent, on top of the refrigerator inventory.

There was always vegetable soup when roast was leftover.

Potato soup or potato cakes when mashed potatoes were needing a facelift.

Leftover bread? Chicken n' dressing was on the menu.

Meatloaf reappeared as chili.

Rice from breakfast could be spanish rice for dinner.

Even milk became buttermilk. Ok, I've lost some of you here...

So if you are trying to stretch those dollars a little farther,
ask Mom or Grandma how she did it in her time.
She's probably still got her recipe for Lima Bean Casserole somewhere!


  1. I'm laughing and relating 100 % here. When my kids were children they just accepted the meals as "it is just a normal thing to do", as they became young adults, they made fun of my frugal ways and now that they're all in their 40's they think I'm quite brilliant and try to tell their spouses to do it my way !

  2. My guys would say there is nothing to eat. Boy were they wrong. They just don't see past someone setting a plate of food down in front of them or something they can shove into their mouths. Ingredients are all they see, not a meal waiting to happen.

  3. This post remindes me of my Nana who raised me with help from my Grandpa. She knew how to be frugle and use up leftovers. I guess living through the depression instills that in you. Thanks for the memories Joycee and thank you for stopping by the other day..it was nice to 'see' you. Take care and have a wonderful Tuesday...

  4. Good one Joycee! My hubby and I cook well for ourselves on the weekends and make sure to finnish it off during the following week. It forces creativity and our spoiled children who used to scoff at leftovers are now thankfully accepting these second hand donations as well. Funny how life changes.

  5. You are so right! In my effort to stay home when my kids were little, I learned how to stretch our food out. Once my husband's boss was having a birthday and we felt we needed to give him a gift. I had a huge supply of Bisquick so I made muffins for him. Makes me laugh when I think about it now. :)

  6. Joycee, this just popped in my head...when I was growing up we ate a bazillion pots of pinto beans. We loved them and they were cheap. I remember my parents making milk from powdered milk mix.


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