Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sonic Summer

Don't ya just love to go through the drive through at Sonic and get a big Limeade? Drive-Ins are still one of my favorite places to go in the hot summertime. After dinner when your tummy says, "I have a little empty spot!" Sitting with the windows down reminds me of Taylor's Drive-In in Springfield, Missouri when I was 15 and my Sister-in-law and I would cruise the lot or get a cherry coke. Or Steak and Shake on Glenstone and we'd get the orange creamsicle shake, YUM! That was long before she and my brother married. We were a little dangerous together. One time we went out when we weren't supposed to and had a little fender bender. Murphy's Law says if you are somewhere you're not supposed to be, you WILL get caught!

We have an old fashioned Drive-In here called the Suzy Q. It's been around for 25 years and they're the REAL THING! You pull up, get out of the car and place your order at the window. They make the best hamburgers you ever put in your mouth! Grilled to perfection on a flat top that's cooked a million of them. And home cut skinny fries, hot and salty. The shakes are made with real ice cream using the old Mix Master, soooo good!

The best thing about going is setting with the windows down, under the neon lights listening to the music. Just doing nothing like when we were kids and didn't have mortgages or car payments. Take your kids and your Grandkids with you this summer and teach them to love Drive Ins too.Some things shouldn't change, some things were right the first time around...


  1. Love your blog and added it to my own blog's fave list. C'mon by for a visit and visit my blog also at MaryJanesFarm - I'm MaryJanes 'ranch farmgirl' blog columnist. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog with my morning coffee. GREAT photos...G-R-E-A-T photos. Shery Jespersen

  2. I am a Sonic junkie.
    I think all I need to do is put my foot on the gas pedal and my car could drive it's self there!!

    Love me a Diet Cherry Coke,
    especially when I can buy it during Happy Hour!!

  3. Good Morning Joycee...I missed this post but I'm glad I spotted it. I had never tried a Cherry Limeade before coming to the States from Canada...I was in love at first sip. We have A&W up there and my step sister worked at the one in our small town in the 60's. I loved that place...the Teen Burgers were SOOOO good! Now my favorite drive-in is Sonic and every time one of my relatives come down to visit from up north...we take them to try their first Cherry Limeade. Needless to say they love it. Thanks for bringing back those fun summer memories. Take care...Maura:)


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