Monday, June 21, 2010

$270 Italian Dinner

Our $270 Italian dinner wasn't prepared by a famous chef...

It didn't include wine aged to perfection and it wasn't served on Tuscan china...

It began like any other Thursday night. We both got home around 5:30PM, hubby from work and me from the craziness that I simply call "ERRANDS." Groceries to unload, then the magic trick I perform called dinner. How about a little pasta? One pot for the sauce, I make and freeze that ahead for nights like this. Another pot for the boiling water. I pour myself a tall glass of peach tea and sit down to watch the news while the water comes to a boil. I can hear it bubbling so I get up, take the lid off, lay it down on the glass cooktop and add my pasta to the boiling water. In about two seconds there is an explosion underneath the pot lid...

This is what a $270 hole looks like. The glass cooktop will be here next Wednesday!

*If you have a glass cooktop, I encourage you to re-read the don't section. Don't use uneven pots on the cooktop. This evidently includes pot lids that are concave....


  1. Joycee, How scary is that? I will definitely sit down and read the manual that will be coming with our new stove. I am relieved to know that you and your husband were not hurt. Take care!

  2. Thanks Marjorie, it didn't hurt...except my pocketbook! I had set pot lids down on the glass top for years, but anything that's not flat can cause the top to break :-(

  3. I am so sorry for this to happen...what a mess!

  4. Oops! You know though, another blogger friend of mine just had her cooktop break a few weeks ago. Those things come in 3's you know - at least that's what I've heard. So glad I don't have a glass top stove anymore or I'd be the next one up.

  5. Ouch! What a shame and who'd have thought just putting a lid down would cause that to happen. Well I don't have a glass top stove anymore but I'll pass this along to anyone I know who does. Sorry you had to discover this the hard way joycee. Great start to your post though!!! Enjoy your day...Maura:)

  6. Good lord, great to hear that you're not hurt! Wow, this was one most expensive dinner ever, right?
    Regards, Kristy


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