Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandma's House

Mom's looking forward to her GRANDS and her GREATS coming to visit her soon. Since they live in Texas, they don't get to come often. Summertime and the holidays mean a visit though so she's excited about them seeing them. Her new home's not far, just over the river and through the woods from where I live!

Her mailbox is the first thing you see. Roses blooming all around, just like her farm.

Flower beds with every color in the rainbow...

Clean sparkly floors and everything spic and span, just like she likes it...

A dining room for celebrating family milestones, like birthdays. Mom will be 86 in August!

The dining room has plenty of room for company to join Grandma for a meal...

Rocking chairs placed just so to shuck corn...

A big yard is a necessity if you are a Grandma, a place for your Grandkids to play!

Welcoming to visitors and home to Mom.

This room stays busy with residents who love to do crafts, visit with neighbors and fill their days with activity.

Life's path sometimes leads us to unfamilar roads. When that happens, finding your way home again can be daunting. Tina Cox has devoted her life to helping seniors find joy and purpose again. For Mom, Home Sweet Home has Jamestown on the mailbox!

*Photos courtesy of
Jamestown Nursing and Rehab
2001 Hampton Place
Rogers, Arkansas 72758


  1. Looks like such a lovely place! On this trip we spent parts of three days visiting my uncle who is also in a lovely home like this.

  2. what wonderful phots and such a beautiful place.
    I haven't seen any place so beautiful, clean, and so spacious!
    Is the pic at the top of your blog the view from your home?
    Have a great day!

  3. Jody, this is Prairie Creek Cove that's just below our house. Beaver Lake is really a beautiful place, you need to buy that pontoon boat and come for a vacation HERE!
    Keetha, Jamestown is brand new and uses the Eden Alternative Principles (Google It!) I'm just so glad Mom is in such a wonderful facility with top notch care.

  4. Beautiful place. Hope Grandma loves living there. That's the most important thing.

  5. Good morning Joycee! What a lovely home your Mom is living in...very welcoming and friendly looking. I hope she is very happy there. We've been to Rogers...bought our camper there a couple of years ago. I hope your weather has cooled off a's not bad here at the moment but then our airconditioner broke down yesterday afternoon so good thing it was a cooler night here. Enjoy your Monday...Maura :)

  6. Joycee, I believe your Mom is going to spend many happy days in her new home. It looks beautiful in every way, and how wonderful to have such a caring person on staff such as Tina. This is a very good thing :)

  7. What a beautiful home your mom lives in! I know how much she must be looking forward to visiting with her family.


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