Monday, June 14, 2010

Last week was a bad one for the residents of New Braunfels, Texas and Caddo Gap, Arkansas who both had flooding. Lives were lost and the areas are devastated with damage in the millions of dollars. Both storms happened during the night causing rivers to jump their banks and the power of the rushing water was unbelivable.

We lived only a few miles to the south of New Braunfels, on Lake McQueeney in 1998 when heavy rains caused massive flooding. Our neighborhood was a disaster along the waterfront with 12 foot of water in homes. We were evacuated by the National Guard and didn't have any idea that we would come back the next day to a dry house. Since we lived 2 blocks up from the waterfront homes, our house escaped flooding. It came to the edge of our garage, you could see the water mark up along the bricks. There were weeks of clean-up, you don't know where to start after the water takes it all downstream.

Regardless of whether you have flood insurance, so much is lost. Not just furniture and clothing, it's the important things like family albums or china that had belonged to your Great Grandmother can't ever be replaced. Gone. We pulled together and helped with whatever we could during those weeks that stretched into months. Something as simple as a meal or clean clothes means the world to someone who's lost their home.

The city of New Braunfels draws their lifeblood from the emerald green waters of the Guadalupe River with many tourist related buisnesses all along the banks. The hot Texas days can be killer, but floating on the river or spending the day at Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels makes memories for thousands of visitors each year.

My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones and homes and to the businesses all along the river that now have to rebuild, again.


  1. Last fall, we Georgia had unimaginable flooding, with lives lost and homes and schools totally destroyed. Just a few weeks ago we held fund raisers for residents in Middle Tennessee. I have many friends affected by the Nashville floods. Now these floods. My heart goes out to all of the victims and especially those families who have lost loved ones.

  2. We can't imagine how this feels. Thanks for a personal description that helps to make us understand. I am just so stunned that this can happen so fast.

  3. Such a terrible loss of life and property. I feel for those poor people. You were lucky to escape with no damage back then but it sounds like you were right in the middle of it as you helped your friends and neighbours. We're having heavy rains and some flooding here in Kansas at the moment...I just hope your area doesn't get hit again. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has and is being touched by all this bad weather. Take care Joycee...Maura

  4. Flooding causes such devastation! I feel so badly for the folks that lost their homes or had flood damage.

  5. I'd heard the news stories on the flooding in Arkansas but I hadn't heard about New Braunfels. We've always heard what a wonderful place it is to visit and have said for several years we'd like to take our grandkids to the water park there.

    My heart goes out to all who have lost not only possessions but the lives of their loved ones. May they be surrounded by God's love.

  6. I will go out on a limb and thank you for the families here affected by the Arkansas flood. I am in E.Tx...on the LA/TX border; we lost "several" friends-the numbers are devastating. Caddo Gap is one of the closest "safe" and clean camps for this area..great place to take your families. We have gone for years..never did I think of the possibility of coming home without my entire family. Please keep the mama's and grandmaw's in your hearts and prayers in the coming weeks. 2 of our friend's from LA lost their entire families...Candace Smith lost her husband and 2 children (age 5 and 2) and will come home to an empty home..which means the grandmother of the family lost her son and 2 grandchildren--I can not even imagine. The family camping with them looks like it will face similar news. Kerri Basinger has lost her husband and 6 yr. old daughter, and her 8 yr. daughter was still missing last night, her world and the granmother/grandfathers (aunts/uncles, etc) will never, ever be the same. Please pray for their strength..we did not know them, but most of the others are mentioned that died...are related in some way or another. I did not know the young couple from AR, but that young man lost his wife and 3 year old son...his whole world. My heart just aches for them all. I did not even know about New father-in law is in San Antonio. Water can really do some damage, more than most realize. If you are in an area getting heavy rain now...I pray for your safety! Please stay safe.
    Thanks for letting me grieve out loud..sorry for the length!

  7. So sorry to hear about the flooding that has affected so many people in Texas and Arkansas. Glad you were unscathed~ I'm sure it is an overwhelming process and prospect to deal with the aftermath. We've been fortunate not have to deal with that, but I feel for the folks there & in Tenn. earlier this spring.

    On a brighter note, thanks for your visit! I'm glad I found Jain and FFT~ come join us :-)

  8. Joycee, I wept after reading the comment from Anonymous. So many lives destroyed or changed forever. We must all pray for their souls and loved ones who mourn them.
    I posted a couple of videos on my blog referring to the New Braunfels flood. We were spared as I commented previously. I saw all those tubes rushing down the river. I saw the desperate look on faces of some of the people that lost everything. By the grace of God, their lives were spared. I know they are so grateful.

  9. I've been watching the flood devastation on the news. Very sad indeed. We are reminded once again of the fragility of life.

  10. And now today - - - more flooding in OK City.


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