Sunday, June 20, 2010

Talker, Watcher or Doer?

There are three kinds of people in the world...talkers, watchers and doers. Maybe we are born that way, or maybe we take on these traits as we get older. I would say we fall into the "watcher" category. We take our time and process every big decision we have to make. Not ones to jump into a new situation, we have "talked" about getting a hybrid for about five years now. All along the way our lives dictated we needed a truck. After all, we do live in the country. And we do our own yard work. And we "might" need a truck for those times when we buy a washer or a new chair to save on the delivery costs. So, we put off buying a greener alternative until yesterday.

For the past month Hubby has been doing his "homework," studying the car magazines and looking online for the best one for us. He started the dealing on Wednesday and in just a few days of "too much," or "not enough for my trade-in" ...and some worrying on my part...

Yesterday we became a "doer." We finally gave up that truck that ate gas with a BIG spoon, the one that hauled mulch and dumped dirt. We said goodbye to it's usefulness that often got us into bigger projects than we could or should do. We'll miss it, but when we are feeling a little sad we can just look on the dashboard of the Prius and see that we are getting 51mpg. That will make us feel a little better!
Happy Father's Day Jerry, enjoy your new car!


  1. We've talked about a hybrid as well. So a couple of months ago when the lease was up on the truck, what did we do? We bought the truck! In our defense, I still am in construction, so I really do need something to haul things in.

    Hope you enjoy your new car.

  2. My husband drives a Toyota 4 runner, we plan to replace it with a hybrid but need the 4 runner to haul the trailer for now. I imagine we will also go to a Prius.

    Lately we have been "doers."

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on your new car! My goodness 51 mpg that's wonderful...we could sure use that kind of gas milage as my hubby works around 40 miles away from way! Enjoy your's a beauty in more than one way. Maura :)

  4. A new car is a big decision, or it should be anyways.
    Good for you.

  5. Congratulations on the new car. We'll be in the market for a new one in a year or so and my husband is already talking about it.


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