Thursday, June 24, 2010

Testing the Waters...

I got a call the other day from my cousin who wants MY help in setting up a blog. I think I can do it, after all I did set this one up a year and a half ago. She lives across the state from me so my idea is that we get online, get on our phones and walk though the process. She is taking a BIG chance asking me to help, but I foolishly think together we can figure it out!
When I talk to Arleen, it's like we are 10 again. She was the closest I ever came to having a sister. Summers at my Aunt Joy's had many perks, chickens to feed, a horse to ride and my cousins all nearby. She was so much fun to be around and still has that quality about her!

I probably have forgotten the "gliches" along the way, but Blogspot walked me through the whole process. Backgrounds, widgets and slidebars...ShareThis, Feedjit and Playlist, if it was as simple as a click, I could do it. If the directions sounded too technical, too risky I didn't add it. Kind of like life, I just stuck my big toe in the water and tested it first.
So, we're going "swimming again!"
Wish us luck!


  1. Joycee, Your blog is beautiful and I am confident you can help your dear cousin get one up and running. I was lucky, my daughter who is a Graphic Designer set mine up for me. I am lucky to have her come to my rescue on anything computer related. I have a friend whom I love, and consider her my sister, in Australia. I just finished answering Coleen's letter that was in my e-mail this morning. Her Mother and my Mother were best friends. We were born two months apart. We don't see each other much, living so far apart, but phone calls and letter have kept us close these 67 years. You girls have fun :)

  2. i love your blog. i should call blogspot cause i don't know how to get the cute backgrounds or add anything fun. complete idiot is what i am when it's about technology!

  3. It will be a great time and I hope you let us view it when all is nice you have such a special friend.

  4. ~its always a joy to come over and visit...all the faith in you my dear getting your cousin situated! have fun dipping your toes in the water...remember you can do it! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  5. Good Morning Joycee! Well you did such a beautiful job of your own Blog I don't think you'll have any problems 'showing' your cousin what to do. I bet her's turns out great but has HER 'stamp' on it. What a great way to connect with your cousin again...have fun 'testing' the waters! Maura :)

  6. Be sure to post a link to her blog when it's set up so we can pop in and say hi!

  7. Hope you'll post the link so we can see your assistance on her project!

  8. I bet you did just fine with walking her through it!
    I wish more of my family/friends did blogging. I do love it!! :)
    Great pic of her jumping in the water!!

  9. I'll share the link IF we are successful! She's a very talented decorator so it will be full of "eye candy!"

  10. How nice! The two of you can play online just like you did in person as children... I love this post and would also be happy to give her any help. Have fun you two!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal


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