Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's in a Name?

What's in a Name is a website that will surprise you....the letter of your name has some influence on your personality! After checking out other family members names it was amazingly close! This is what it said about me....

“C,” the third letter of the alphabet, represents energy.

These are good-humored people who are willing to help you if they can. Their genial, lighthearted spirit makes you feel good when you are around them. Carefree but cheerful, they may have you thinking twice with their dry sense of humor. (That's me, never saw a problem I can't tackle!)

“C’s” are lavish with themselves and those they love. Most are liberal with their money and tend to give it away with the knowledge they can always get more. (Oh yes, I think giving is better than receiving!)

Versatile and skillful, they are proficient at anything they desire. Some wives of a “C” husband might even be heard saying they are married to a “handy-man.” (I definitely have a "can-do" attitude!)

Those with this letter in their name may be called an orator. Eloquent and outspoken on any subject, they may make their living as a speechwriter or philosophy teacher. (This is a nice way of saying long-winded...is that not me to a tee?)
As organizers these people are the promoters you want in your corner. With a need for organization, they will not only construct a system of having everything in it’s place but will also go through the disposition of such without batting an eyelash. Engineers and inventors might be found with a “C” in their name. “What they conceive, they will achieve,” is their motto. (Love, love, love to organize!)

Some “C’s” may be a little impatient. That combined with their spur of the moment actions might lead others to believe that “C” people are not as organized as they really are. (How can they know me so well???)

A negative “C” may be careless and unscrupulous. Reckless and unprincipled, they don’t care who they hurt as long as it benefits them. (I hope I'm not this one...)

So, what are you waiting for...
click HERE and go check out what your name says about you!

*(Joycee is a mix of my name Joy Colleen...my family calls me by my middle name!)


  1. Thanks for sharing this Joycee! It was fun picking out all my letters to get a composite sketch of who I am! A lovely Summer Day to you!

  2. I'll have to check that site out.

  3. Holy Tamoly! So accurate ... & a little OUCH!

    I love the name Colleen, J.

    Hope all is well on your end of the mountain ... have a beautiful week.

    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. I will be popping over to check it out...Marisa used to be very uncommon when I was a kid but I'm seeing it more and more now.
    I left you something on my blog if you would like to pop over and pick it up. Marisa

  5. I should of known you'd put me to work if If I came over. O well you & your quick mind is fun to visit. have a nice quiet afternoon

  6. I just read what it says about me! Thanks for posting!

  7. Thanks I'll have to check it out. Trish

  8. After what happened at my house yesterday (see blogpost for today), I really AM wondering why I live here. Great post, Joycee!


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