Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Do I Live Here?

Thanks Stephanie for sending this website...
We all have neighbors that "march to a different drum." The ones who mow at odd hours or run their sprinklers when it's raining! Why someone would seed their roof falls under this catagory! But this is America and to each his own as they say...

What could be the cause of this fire?

Cat lover... we used to have a neighbor years ago who walked their cat on a leash. I'm sorry, but that's just strange!

Champagne wishes and tuna-mac dreams!

Man-opausal jogger...

Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Urban Waterfalls…

Now don't these pictures make you glad you live in a "normal" neighborhood?


  1. Indeed it does. The neighborhood we are living in is quiet, houses and yards well cared for, and the neighbors are helpful and nice.

  2. Thanks for the good laugh Joycee...great pictures. Sure makes you wonder what makes some people tick doesn't it. We've all got someone in our towns or cities who 'walks to the beat of a different drummer' and I guess that's what makes life interesting. Enjoy your day...if you dare step foot outside that is! Maura ;)

  3. Umm - my daughter had a house cat when she was a teenager. To keep him from wandering away when we put him outside, we trained him to a very long chain. Maybe our neighbors thought we were weird.

  4. toooo funny. i like the guy smoking while the firefighters are on his roof. why are they not spraying water? i'm sure you don't know. just asking.

  5. I feel terrible saying I thought my neighbor walking his cat was strange. It was actually a very considerate thing. I should always think before speaking (or writing), I think Mom used to tell me that!

  6. Those were very enlightening photos - thanks for sharing!

  7. funny. I'm glad I live in the country with no neighbors in site. Love the Man-opausal jogger...

    While I haven't encountered any half dressed male joggers in the middle of winter, I did meet while on one of my walks an older jogger puffing his way up a huge hill near our house on a very hot summer day and boy was he sweating and beet red in the face. I kept praying that I wouldn't find him on the side of the road on my way back. I guess luck was on his side as I didn't find him passed out and I didn't get a chance to practice my CPR skills on him.

  8. Cute! Makes me worry what my neighbors might say about me : )

  9. Are you kidding? There's no need at all to apologize about the cat thing. I got a good laugh out of it and all the rest of the photos.

  10. Thanks for sharing such funy photos!
    Rrgards, Kristy


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