Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday Fun

Mom T. starts the "Birthday Train" for us every summer. We begin with her birthday on July 3rd, then daughter Stephanie on the 10th, mine on the 13th...take a breath, then GRANDson Jackson on Aug. 6th, followed by Dad T. on the 21st and my Mom on the 22nd...Whew! If you don't pace yourself, you end up worn out from all the celebrating! We started early by going down the mountain a day early to Hackett Hill, home to her sister (our Aunt B.) and brother-in-law George. It was so much fun!

They are close even though 15 years separate them. Mom's two sisters marvel at her good health. Coming from a big family, she thinks nothing of still cleaning her house or preparing a big meal for family. In fact that's just what she will be doing this week for all of us!

We celebrated with cake of course, but Aunt B. had prepared a "Simple Lunch" for us...

Icy cold pears and cottage cheese...

Homemade sweet and sour pickles and pickled beets...

A cheese tray...

Bacon for our sandwiches...

Turkey, ham and cheese...Big Boy Tomatoes took the starring role in this picture!

Aunt B's delicious "Secret Recipe" deviled eggs...

A refreshing fruit salad...

...and all of the extras that make a meal so yummy! It was one of those "light meals" that makes you feel like you've had Thanksgiving. The best part about the meal was being at the table with family, talking and laughing. Remembering childhood days and the many, many good memories that are stored in our hearts.

Uncle George's garden provided much of the delicious food we had for our meal. Okra and tomatoes are thriving right now. We came home with big sacks of each to enjoy!

Their farm is beautiful, lush and green from Arkansas' wet Spring. The peach tree is loaded down with fruit!

An Arkansas Black Apple tree will give them bushels of fruit to enjoy all winter.

Hackett Hill is Americana at it's best. Hard work and persistence has turned a mountain into a Paradise.

Everywhere you look, they have planted and made into wonderful areas to sit and enjoy God's Green Earth.

No matter what direction you look, it's peaceful...

We enjoyed a wonderful day and Mom had a great birthday!
Thanks Aunt B. and Uncle George!


  1. Looks like your party hats won't be getting dusty for the next 2 months!

    I would think it would be hard to follow up on the wonderful birthday celebration you just had but I'm sure you'll do your very best. All the food looked so delish!

    I enjoyed the tour of your Aunt's place. It is lovely.

  2. Many Happy Birthdays to you! I'm stopping by to invite you over to the Arkansas Women Bloggers site. We'd love to have you link up, and are also looking for guest posters if you are interested.



  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone!! We are celebrating my mom's 80th this Sat...really looking forward to it. All the food looks so yummy and healthy...looks like "real" food...and the property is gorgeous...

  4. Oh Happy Birthday to mom T! Wishing her many happy returns! Sounds like this is a truly exciting month to come. Hope you'll have a terrific time with your family.
    Blessings, Kristy
    p/s love those fruits tree.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mum Joycee! That's a lot of birthday's in a short span of time. What a wonderful 'spread' your Aunt B made...you're so fortunate to have your family still here and living close to you! I love Arkansas...we'll have to get back over there for another holiday one day...maybe one fall as we've never been there later than mid September and I hear the fall colors are gorgeous. I can just picture your Aunt and Uncles back yard. Have a wonderful day...Maura :)

  6. I think Mom T. will look beautiful in the pink outfit. I can tell by her expression that she loves it! I know she had a very Happy Birthday. Great spread, and Hackett Hill is magnificent.

  7. I see that you and I share a birthday on the 13th !
    Have a good one!


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