Monday, July 19, 2010

Gnomes in the Woods?

We have had a very wet spring and summer, unusual for Arkansas. By this time of year the grass is beginning to show signs of dying, flowers bend over in the heat and trees begin to shed some of their leaves to save on water. But this year...everywhere you look, it's green. The trees are so full, it's like a jungle.

The Hostas and vines are going crazy this year...

Everywhere you look, there's moss growing!

The fields are chest high in wheat...

The trees on Granny Mountain are fuller than I've ever seen them.

I haven't seen the deer in awhile, but it's not because they've left...they are simply camoflaged.

When you look up you can barely see the sky!

It makes you feel like there might be Gnomes behind each tree, waiting for us to leave so that they can come out and play...

Hiding under toadstools....

You have to watch for them...there they are!

Grandpa used to say,
"If you don't like the weather in Arkansas,wait a minute and it will change!"


  1. Checking in from beautiful Colorado...enjoy this great summer...

  2. Good Morning Joycee! What a beautiful area you live reminds me of where I came from in the mountains of British Columbia Canada. Arkansas received a bit more rain that we did I think but everything is very lush here too in Kansas. I'm not enjoying the mosquitoes though. I hope you'll show us more photo's of your area...especially your mountains and streams (creeks). Love the little Gnome house! Enjoy your day...Maura :)

  3. Just a few hours south of you.....we haven't had the wonderful sad!
    Beautiful pictures!!

  4. We've had our share of the rain, and the humidity too this year! Last summer it was unusually cold, but it felt nice most of the time outside. This year - it causes us to melt!

  5. Here I come a rambling around and found my self at your place. love the pictures.. Glad u are still here blogging.I'm way out of practice,( if I ever was )
    Elsie <><

  6. Beautiful pictures. I hope you get lots of sunshine soon.

  7. The pictures are beautiful. My one hostas is being eaten by the bugs. I just didn't have time this year for a flower bed. I'm the grandma on call for a lot of grands. I enjoy all of them. I was in Little Rock four days last week with my 16 month old granddaughter. I really enjoyed it. Doylene


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