Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heat Wave

Well, we're back to 90's again and it's too hot to do anything during the day. Sometimes I feel like we are "cabin bound" even in the summer months. It's just too humid to do anything without sweating down to a big puddle!

So we hold off on going out on the lake until after supper. GRANDson Gavin is pretty darn patient...the water calls to him! Like his brother, he's part fish!

This summer he has the tube all to himself since Jackson had other plans...

I'm not saying he hasn't missed his brother, but he has had other things on his mind!

Like doing the "Chicken Dance"...

Up and down Prairie Creek Cove and Avoca Cove...

We just set and enjoy the cool breezes...

Until finally the sun sets and Gavin wears out!

Hope you are having a fun Summer too!


  1. The heat here is incredible. Looks like you have a wonderful way to cool off.

  2. Lucky Gavin! I would love to be dragged around a lake in one of those tubes. It is hot here, but tolerable. Rain coming in today. I think i'll paint a room and enjoy being in an air conditioned house. I'll have a tall glass of lavender lemonade as well :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures!!!
    I dont' even enjoy our's just too darn hot and humid!!!

  4. The smile on Gavin's face - too precious for words.


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