Saturday, July 3, 2010

Letters From Home

Until they come home,
we will send them Letters from Home

Dear Letters from Home,
I want to personally Thank you for the package you sent to my unit.
It was very nice to get something in the mail that put a smile on my face. I
shared the contents with my fellow Medical staff and Seabees. I'm a Navy
Corpsman Stationed in Afghanistan with a Seabee Mobile Construction Battalion.
Our job is the provide Emergency and clinical medicine to all navy (and other
services and countries) personnel in any situation. . I have
attached a few pictures for you from Afghanistan. Thank you very much!
HM2 Shawn Buxton NREMT-P


Thank you for all the great stuff you sent for my platoon. My guys have been working extremely hard with long periods of no showers, heat, mre's for food and little sleep. The letters and food were a welcome treat.
1LT, Platoon Leader Charlie Company 4 -23 INF


Thank you for writing and providing gifts and encouragement. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in writing and sending packages. Hearing encouraging words from back home makes the time away more bearable. Specialist Gorske B Troop FOB Farah


Dear Letters from Home You were like a bright big sun on a gloomy day for me. I just had to sit down and let you know how much your packages meant to me! Sincerely LT Bush

I want to start off with telling you how much all the soldiers appreciate all the support people like you and your organization give to us. It lets us know that there are still people out there who think about us. Everything that we do over here fighting for our country and the freedom of people around the world could not be done if it was not for the support from the rest of the USA. I really hope that you do know how much everything means to us.
Soldiers of the 9th Eng Bn, FOB Kalsu, Iraq


I just wanted to let you know your program is awesome!! I did two tours of duty in Iraq in 03 and 05. I was hurt in 05 that caused my left arm to be amputated. Enough about me, I am pushing a program at the company I work for. It is a grocery store chain located in southern Alabama, Mississippi, and western Florida. We are going to have tables set up to allow people to write cards to the troops and want people to know that holidays are not just about BBQ and the pool.


  1. Thank your for the gentle reminder. I am typing here with tears in my eyes. Happy 4th.

  2. ~i saw this awhile ago...and wanted to participate and have my little ones take part...ever so important to give encouragement support and l♥ve to them...thank you for posting this...wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~

  3. Joycee, Thank you for making us remember that this is a wonderful time to honor our troops,and Veterans who are bravely fighting for our freedom. We must also remember those brave men and women who lost their lives so we might live. God bless them all. God Bless America!

  4. G'eve Joy ~ Melt my heart! For them only, we are still free ... THANKING them is the least we can do.

    Happy 4th, sweet lady.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. A perfect reminder, Joyce. I too have tears in my eyes...have a safe one:) Louise


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