Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making our own Fun!

The kids have been here a week now, visiting from Texas. We look forward to and plan lake fun, picnic fun, Eureka Springs fun....all interrupted this year by rain, rain and more rain. The kind that starts the day and ends the day. Finding a ray of sun has been almost impossible.
GRANDson Gavin has kept busy with Legos, video games and yesterday he had a marathon Monopoly Game with his Papa and Dad. 5 hours later, he was the WINNER! He had amassed a fortune! Stacks of money, passels of property and hoards of hotels. Real or not, it felt like he was a millionaire!
So this morning his Papa challenged him to another game of Monopoly. This would be for the Grand Champion Title. They got out the old Monopoly game, it's from my husband's childhood in the 1960's. It's a miracle the money isn't disintegrating at this advanced age, but it has all the original pieces...including the silver Top Hat and Race Car. You can guess who played with each "lucky piece!"

Gavin quickly bought up all the good property, using the same game plan as the day before to whip the pants off Papa!

He's feeling pretty proud of himself right now that he can make the big bucks and roll with the High Rollers!
Gavin's Mom, (our daughter) Stephanie turns 39 today and she is still the little girl that loved to play games at the kitchen table. She giggles and laughs the same way she did when she was 7. That's a good thing because life sometimes dishes out hard days now that she's older. Raising a family is hard work, you worry and fret about them. Everyday, it's up and down, over and around the bumps. Attitude is everything and she has passed this trait on to her kids. Gavin is making the best of the rainy days by making his own fun, just like his Mom!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!


  1. Game days are fun days. Our 2 oldest grandsons still LOVE a good game of checkers. They also love playing Chicken Foot.

  2. We have had a lot of rain the last few days as well. I see the sun is returning, along with temps in the 90s. I love the big billowy clouds that are ever present. I think they help keep it a little more bearable temp wise. I love Texas, heat, not so much.
    I'm happy to hear your family doesn't have cabin fever yet. I am sure they want to get out on that beautiful lake. Have a good weekend!

  3. Oh Joycee what a wonderful post! I'm sorry to learn you've been having lots of rain...ours finally stopped...but it sounds as though everyone is having a good time...especially your Grandson LOL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter! I love Eurika Springs...we stayed in a tree house cabin on the north? side of the village. We LOVED it! I hope your weather clears up enough that you and your family can enjoy a nice outing there. Have a wonderful weekend...Maura :)

  4. You can send the rain our way! It is so dry here that the leaves are already starting to turn and fall off and it is only JULY!

    Your monopoly board looks brand new! I remember playing monopoly for hours like that. It was great fun. My kids have scattered all of the pieces of theirs.

  5. I LOVE me some game time. Gavin looks happy to be having face-time with you and his PaPa. Great times!

  6. I love the blog today!!! You guys are so wonderful.. I believe god brings everyone into your life for a reason so i'm so glad that i am blessed with the chance to know you guys through taking care of your mother... Awe I love her so much.. Shes is a pleasure to take care of & she is always making me laugh with the little things she says!!! Love the blog!!!


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