Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not too Shabby!

Why is it that the older you get, the harder change becomes? Last week I kept getting the message from Cutest Blog on the Block that my background was going to be removed. I started searching for a new one the day before the ax was to come down, and like I suspected...I couldn't find one I liked. I'm not picky mind you, I like all kinds of design. I love the blogs with white backgrounds and Minima layout, all spiffy and clean like freshly washed laundry! I love the antiquey ones with tones of sepia and ivory, perfect for a blog about memories. I also love the ornate blogs with swirls and eyes see doodles with color!

I don't think of myself as drab and olive toned, but those are the ones that speak to me. The backgrounds with nature's colors, moss, or dirt, leaves or rust appeal to me. Also the ones with "catchy names" make me think twice...

So, I began my search at The Background Fairy, this one looks too much like the wallpaper in my Grandma's house. I'm not saying it's not pretty, it's just not my cup of tea!

Kinda like this one, fancy scroll work...diamond hatpin...nope, doesn't fit Granny Mountain.

If I wrote about romance a lot, this one would be perfect!

This one from Simply Chic Blogs is called Spring in Bloom, very cheery!

Love Sunflowers, this one's from Simply Blog It

Shabby Blogs had this one called's got the required trees and leaves that were on my "must have" list!

If you've been visiting me you may wonder what the heck in going on over here on GrannyMountain. Every few days I try out a new background. There are so many sites to choose from and literally hundreds of backgrounds. I fret about change so, I'm not going to promise I'm set on this one from Shabby Blogs....but it does have all the elements that I love.
1. Brown, like dirt.
2. Green, like grass.
3. Rust, rust.
4. It's named Paradise and that's what GrannyMountain is to us!

So tell me if you like it!


  1. Very nice! I haven't seen this background before and think it is perfect here at Granny Mountain! :)

  2. Beautiful! I resonate to paisley consciousness... wish I had the expertise to add purple paisley to my blog.

  3. I totally revamped my blog due to this reason! It was nice to force myself to change it up. I like the background but I think you should keep trying them will KNOW when it is right!

  4. This background is pretty - and I love to look at other ones, and change them out from time to time!

  5. I'm not one for change but I enjoy seeing other bloggers use different backgrounds. This one is very colorful.

  6. Looks good. I had the same problem. I couldn't get onto their site. I finally looked elsewhere. The one I found is OK.

  7. Joycee, I really loved your original choice but not crazy about this one. The Sunflowers are lovely :-)

  8. I'm still background shopping...anyone have a favorite site? Bear with me while I try out a few...

  9. Hi Joycee! I know exactly what you mean about change. I liked the one I had and then had to renew it or change it but couldn't get on that same found a new one. I find the one I want and now they're telling me I need to get a new one or the new code...geez. Oh well I do like the one I have now so I better do something about it. I like your new background but I really liked your old one too. It's tough making changes isn't it! Have a wonderful Thursday....Maura :)


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