Friday, July 30, 2010

Pig Out

Well, the kids have gone home and we are left with a fridge of forbidden foods. It happens every summer, I buy up Blue Bell ice cream, chips and dip, Twinkies and Oreos, Cokes and Dr. Pepper, Pop-Tarts, bacon and hashbrowns. All of the things that rarely see the inside of our fridge or pantry are now on the shelves staring us in the eye. Everytime I open the freezer, the Berry Delight ice cream says...

The chips are on the carousel under the cabinet and they are going to go bad if we don't eat them up. What about the Oreos and Twinkies, wasted if we don't force ourselves to imbibe. What would Mom say??? I'll tell you what she'd say...


So, we will diligently work on getting all these vile, forbidden foods out of the house as soon as possible. It's not an easy job, but I think we are up for it!


  1. I love anything having to do with a pig. Thanks for the Facebook link. Wonder if they still do fried pickles.

  2. LOL Joycee you're a hoot! As they say 'if a jobs worth doing it's worth doing well'. Have can always swim it off later ;) Have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend. Maura :)

  3. You are too funny! I'm sure it will get taken care of in a flash!

  4. That sounds exactly like what happens at our house! Enjoy your treats while they last.

  5. Joycee, You can always share them with the neighbors. I am sure they would be happy to take on a couple of Twinkies, to help out :-)

  6. Oink, oink. I love that picture!

  7. I would turf them...well maybe not the chips and dip but the rest...okay not the ice cream because it is kinda hot out... but the rest would definitely get tossed. I think.

  8. No pigs are allow in my house anyway! So, I don't bother much about it. Have a nice day!
    Regards, kristy


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