Monday, July 12, 2010

Silly Billies

GRANDson Gavin gets in trouble a lot for being a clown, hamming it up, being too loud. He's 10 and I think that's probably in the job description for that age, but truth be told he has inherited that from his Papa. Silly Billy gene runs in his veins, he can't help but be a goof ball being in our family. When we are together you could be at an advanced stage of "hard of hearing" and still hear every word! Our SON-in-law says he gives up sometimes if the boys and their Mom are deep into a conversation...just no place to jump in!!

We lived close to our kids when Gavin was a baby and he was just the quiestest little thing. He was satisfied to be in his swing or carrier, watching and listening to us as we laughed and talked non-stop! Now he can keep up with us, no matter how noisy it gets!

You want your kids to be like you, just not the bad traits...but it doesn't work like that! We celebrated two more birthdays Saturday at the Great-Grandparents, mine and daughter Stephanie's. This was a rare occasion that vacation fell over our birthdays this year. As I took the pictures, Grandma and Grandpa set back and watched the family that the two of them made. Coming home to celebrate the important times in our lives is what keeps us close despite the miles that separate us. Crazy or not, we love being together!
Daughter Stephanie celebrated 39 and me...58!!


  1. I think that is the most beautiful birthday cake I have ever seen. I can imagine how delicious it is.
    I hope Mother and Daughter have an amazing birthday celebration :-) I bet Gavin and his Papa cant wait to help eat that gorgeous cake!

  2. You can sure tell Gavin and his Papa are related. It's nice to celebrate events with our families. I'm sure you had a wonderful time.

  3. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful cake! Looking at your cake this early morning is making me want cake for breakfast! Was there any left over I could eat? hehehe

    Looks like PaPa loves hamming it up with the granson!

    Have a Wonderful Week!

  4. Looks like trouble those two! Bet there's never a dull moment around your house when they get together LOL! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your Monday....Maura :)


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